So incredible! I can cross one more thing off my "stuff to do before I die" list...

Spent over 7 hours at the BBC: preparing, taking pictures, socializing, preparing some more, running to and from dorm, doing yet more last-minute preparing, and finally—performing! A great show, very fun, very much a life experience. I do recommend it. After that I went to the cast party at Janet's uhh, Michelle's place, which was enjoyable. My first FP party(!). Awkward at first as usual, but then I decided that I would have a good time and *poof* I did. Lost my camera, lost my boa, but don't care. The best time I've had in a long time. Wonderful but exhausting. Good! Night!


Abandonded Building Pictures

Took these yesterday, and managed to get them uploaded today.

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Rocky Horror, Jenna...
dramatic tellings of all kinds

I find it absurd that I haven't written more about happenings with Jenna, or about Rocky Horror. The point of a journal is to keep track of one's life after all.

Last Rocky rehearsal was tonight. Long, long—four and a half hours. A noticeable level of tension, perhaps nerves, but also the director still clashing with the cast. After, eight of us went to Denny's. I brought my camera then forgot it. Earlier I had gone into one of the abandoned buildings and got some nice pictures.

Feeling I should be with Jenna more often since that seems to be what she wants. I dunno. We went to the beach and made out on... Tuesday? Things move so fast; I have a different life than I did a week ago. I like her but don't know where to take things. On Monday I felt in control of my life and now I feel along for the metaphysical ride.

Oh yes, after Denny's I went over to someone's place, the guy playing Frank-n-furter, and I had drinks with him. A girl in the cast (who was not drinking) attention-whored herself for the next two hours or so. There were good vibes but mostly because he and I forced our good vibes upon her. It wasn't unpleasant, only strange in a novel way.

Tonight I sleep, for tomorrow I cannot. Big day.


the first blog ever (not really)

Have need of setting this thing up correctly... so nothing but the facts:

FACT: Lots of people dumber than me have blogs.
FACT: I've wanted a blog for awhile.
FACT: It's free, why not?

So there you go.

Orin said...

do comments work? at all?

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Anonymous said...

I think they do indeed. Pretty keen if you ask me. Why did I wait so long to try this?

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