Apparently I don't write things in November

...not on this blog, anyway...

Not like I couldn't have. I could've written about my trip down here on the 19th; how the cat squirted poop on my seat, how I drove through a "freak" rainstorm in the middle of the desert that then turned into a hailstorm. Or how I've been to three dinner parties in a row: first for thanksgiving (satisfying), then at Lauren's apartment (scrumptious), and then at Ms. Fitz's (hours of intense conversation, snacks). That would've made some good reading...

But as all of you who are reading this should know already: you're reading in retrospect. This blog, as it is now, is for no one but me. If you've read this far it's because you're interested... good for you. What are you—a family member, a close friend? Doesn't matter. This is a journal and not a blog, even though it is technically a log on the web. And sometimes one doesn't want electronic.

Therefore, I have written in my solid physical journal more. That was the original intent of this web spiel—to write more. Sometimes I don't need it. So for the unasked question, there is the answer.


Things Get Better, Eventually

So I just spent a whole load of time blogging. Not here, no. I've finally gotten around to posting the Rocky Horror pictures from two weeks ago. That doesn't sound that long, but it sure seems like it.

I was spurned by the possibility of not being able to post them at all. Things went badly for me on Tuesday. This included the total failure of my keyboard. Another was that I didn't do some recording assignment for my radio class. Another was that I believed the fire alarm made the cat deaf. The weather has also been nothing but gloom and grayness since the election—and that's starting to sink in too. So yeah, I was feeling pretty down on Tuesday.

But now I'm feeling moderately better. My keyboard works again, obviously. I took my laptop completely apart and plugged the sucker back in. My room is clean for the first time in awhile. And the cat's not deaf, he was just in shock (woo!, I suppose).

Both Emily and Jenna are in L.A. for the weekend so I haven't much to do except work on organizing life. I imagine that to be a noble goal if not an exhilirating one.


And then there was cat

So last Thursday I was walking back from the computer lab...
and I hear this sound...
"Mrooowr? Mrowr?"
A cat.
A cat in need, in need of help.

So I search around for awhile and find it hiding underneath a car in the parking lot. It looks dingy and kind of thin, but otherwise ok. I have to coax it out and it slowly begins to trust me. But as I soon discover, it does not like being picked up. It's also afraid of sudden noises like cars and groups of people. This of course makes it difficult to cross a street. And, having decided that I am going to take this cat in, I finally just scoop him up and hold him tight as I walk across the road, down the path, into my building, and into the elevator—by this point the cat is understandably freaked out. I take him into my room and he doesn't eat or drink, but he does demand intense petting. After awhile he calms down and does.

Now at this point I'm kind of understandably freaked out. I had no intention of getting a pet here in college; my plants were sufficient. Are they still? I don't know. At first I just wanted to find his owner lickety-split. So I made fliers and posted on the forums, but no such luck. No he's ingratiating himself in adorable cat-like fashion. He sleeps next to me at night. He uses the improvised litter box. I can hear him purr through the bedsprings.

My probable course now is just to keep him, enjoy him, and then either take him home or release him. We'll see in the weeks to come.


Election Schmelection

Hell yes I voted! Did it matter? Probably not. But I felt better (somehow). Knowing what I do about the election, I foresee dark times ahead... and what do we do during dark times?

Ignore them and go have fun despite!


Halloween Sucked

It just did, ok.

I didn't get to get out of bed until 11:00 (let's not go into that), didn't start making my robot costume till around 4:00, and took the next 5½ hours to finish it. But it was an awesome robot costume, granted. I didn't get to go to San Francisco where Emily was, didn't go to Santa Cruz, not even Salinas. I did get to go visit a shabby bachelor apartment in Marina, drive around with Emily's suitemates trying and failing to trick-or-treat, and then get cited (twice...) for traffic violations that I wouldn't have been cited for any other day of the year. Hooray.

It didn't help that the rest of the Homepie were partying it up in L.A. They called, said they missed me, but not as much as I missed them right then. What was it? Bad Karma, bad timing? I really can't say. I just want to forget the whole damn thing ever happened. Save the robot costume for next year, when I have fun.