Chance Encounter on the High Seas

Session Start
(orin : this dude Emily banged once or twice)
Tue Jan 25 00:54:48 2005

Greg: orin
Me: hi gregg
Gregg: hey man
Greg: do you knoe how to hack
Me: pfft no you?
Gregg: fuck
Gregg: wanna learn
Gregg: hella this kid i fucking hate
Gregg: hella wanna fuck his shit up
Me: right
Gregg: haha
Me: and hacking?
Gregg: how you been man
Gregg: yeah
Gregg: totally
Me: why not just go be punk and fuck his shit up oldschool?
Me: fucking busy as hell sorry to say
Greggg: naw man
Greggg: i am peace punk
Me: well you could glare really, really hard and hope some of his surface capillaries burst from your onslaught of negative energy
Greggg: oh man
Me: then he'd get hives
Me: like in the bible and shit
Me: Moses was just a really good glarer
Gregggg: your fucking nutz orin
Me: its a hobby of mine
Gregggg: yeah
Gregggg: i know
Me: also, I keep miniature models of antique timepieces
Me: wyrd
Gregggg: damn
Me: no not really
Greggggg: your weird
Me: fuck yeah I'm weird
Orin: (that's a t-shirt right there if I ever heard one)
Gregggggg: probably the weridest that i knoe
Me: and that's saying something I remember my computer being swamped with your buddy list
Greggggggg: yeah
Greggggggg: hah
Me: keep asking round and maybe you'll find someone to fulfill your evil plans
Greggggggggg: ho
Greggggggggggggggg: yeah
Me: me, I gotta get back to work

Session Close (Gregggggg...gg..gah.): Tue Jan 25 01:04:54 2005

No I wasn't high. High on life maybe. Pfft whatever back to work.