Dream Recording Session

This was some assignment for a music class I'm taking.
Like how it turned out.

Well I guess I’d just have to do it with the TradeMark G., Mark Gunderson of the Evolution Control Committee. He is the Evolution Control Committee. He’s the one who’s inspired me the most.

We’d record in a gigantic converted zeppelin hanger deep in the labyrinth of Skywalker Ranch/Area 51. It would be filled with all manner of hard-to-come-by audio toys, and also groupies. Dorky groupies who would praise our oddness as they ogled us over their cat’s eye glasses. Our double length would be produced by the same guy who helped on “Hot Shots II” by the Beta Band, and reigned in their craziness exceptionally.

He and a crew of about 20 engineers would follow us around with a good dozen solid-states, DATs and old reel-to-reels trying not to get frustrated whenever we overshot with our jetpacks. Oh yeah we’d have jetpacks. We looted them from old Boba Fett props/counter-ops research.

We would glut ourselves on THX sound effects until the cows came home. It is a ranch, right? Lucas has been hogtied so he can’t complain. And/or do they have cows in the Nevada desert? Doesn’t matter.

Instead of having the normal Skywalker sound engineers we could get Buddha to master. It’d be doubly fruitful because you know he’d be totally in the zone and I would only have to pay him in loving-kindness. For the cover art Dali and Da Vinci will collaborate. Jesus will market.

Mmmm... oh yeah.


I know I harm myself. I do it all the time. I do one thing, knowing that another is better or that in itself the thing is harmful. I just plated Sims for seven hours. I don't even know what I did... designed a treehouse? Made one character make out with another? That's fucking dumb. No, it's cool. For a 13 year-old. Jesus. I'm 21. I was supposed to be making a mix of music that has influenced me for my music promotion class. What...the...fuck. That is SO MUCH COOLER than what I actually did. What happened? It's like I blanked out. I remember at one point I started making a sauna and it got... problems... and I had to work them out, I made a point of it. Felt like I wasn't even awake the whole time. And you KNOW this is one of my new year's resolutions is stop expressing creativity through video games. Arrrgh.

You know what's worse? Another one. Blog every day, even if it's a sentence. That's not hard? And yesterday I had a very busy, memorable day. I was woken up in a dream, a real entertaining one, which I wrote down and wanted to tell about. Then later I drove up to San Jose and bought a cheap huge moniter, visited Emily. She talked about how she was adjusting back with her 'rents, cause sadly she don't go here no more. Jenna and I petted kitties while Emily played vintage punk vinyl she was obviously proud to own. Stayed longer than I'd hoped. Drove back and carried the massive 75 pounder up to my room, frequent stops included. Incredible change. I can actually do whatever I want with my computer. This, of course, can be a bad thing as expounded earlier. Then, yet more amazing novel and precious life experience, I went to a party. Meg's, from Rocky Horror. Danced. A lot. Was literally steaming, like a frigging calzone. Entertained two girls outside while about the same time Jenna was being told by another girl that she was really lucky. Even got Jenna to dance, for a bit. Let me stress this for those that doubt my dancing/partying ability: last night it was cool to be me, to be around me, to know me. I am loved. Yes. It feels goood to say that. Ah.

I feel better about not blogging and wasting so much time. Not that it matters really. Fuck it. Tony Pierce says so. Besides, not like I haven't wasted staggering amounts of time before. Like the 88 days I played Eve last summer. Can't think of one damn productive thing I accomplished. This is nothing. A passing phase. I'm growing into my breeches. Mmm yeah.

Jenna save me.


Chance Encounter on the High Seas

Session Start
(orin : this dude Emily banged once or twice)
Tue Jan 25 00:54:48 2005

Greg: orin
Me: hi gregg
Gregg: hey man
Greg: do you knoe how to hack
Me: pfft no you?
Gregg: fuck
Gregg: wanna learn
Gregg: hella this kid i fucking hate
Gregg: hella wanna fuck his shit up
Me: right
Gregg: haha
Me: and hacking?
Gregg: how you been man
Gregg: yeah
Gregg: totally
Me: why not just go be punk and fuck his shit up oldschool?
Me: fucking busy as hell sorry to say
Greggg: naw man
Greggg: i am peace punk
Me: well you could glare really, really hard and hope some of his surface capillaries burst from your onslaught of negative energy
Greggg: oh man
Me: then he'd get hives
Me: like in the bible and shit
Me: Moses was just a really good glarer
Gregggg: your fucking nutz orin
Me: its a hobby of mine
Gregggg: yeah
Gregggg: i know
Me: also, I keep miniature models of antique timepieces
Me: wyrd
Gregggg: damn
Me: no not really
Greggggg: your weird
Me: fuck yeah I'm weird
Orin: (that's a t-shirt right there if I ever heard one)
Gregggggg: probably the weridest that i knoe
Me: and that's saying something I remember my computer being swamped with your buddy list
Greggggggg: yeah
Greggggggg: hah
Me: keep asking round and maybe you'll find someone to fulfill your evil plans
Greggggggggg: ho
Greggggggggggggggg: yeah
Me: me, I gotta get back to work

Session Close (Gregggggg...gg..gah.): Tue Jan 25 01:04:54 2005

No I wasn't high. High on life maybe. Pfft whatever back to work.



I'm eating biscuits with casserole. It's yam and beef jerky casserole that I made myself a few days ago. It's better than it sounds; it's quite delicious. I'm drinking Orange/Mango Hansen's soda and listening to Four Tet. Do you know how hard it is to blog and eat lunch at the same time?

I've had a good day so far. Classes seem like they might actually be gotten. Also, my jobs possibilities seem okay according to building 44. There's a lot of undirected positive energy floating about, cause of the semester starting. Talked to Steven and I wanna take story-telling. Spotted Dana in some service learning classroom and did not feel weird at all. Complimented a few strangers. Got a wink from one of 'em.

I am the cool beans.


Pack in the Life

Title sounds like a Mentos commercial I think.
I use it cause that's what I'm doing.

It's odd. One never realizes how much stuff one has until he has to pack it all up in the middle of the night. After being one day late to leave anyway.

Do I really like this shirt? What're these papers? Can I steal this? How long has it been since I really blogged? Do I care?

One of my New Year's resolutions goals was to write at least once a day in the bloggggg. Why this should be so I can't say. I can't remember anymore. It sounded really good that morning in the bath, though.

I got this journal from Lauren and it's cover is this vintage French follies poster reading "Le Miroir," the Mirror.
vintage French Poster on a Journal
It immediately struck me as something I wanted to write my dreams in. That stuff's important. I mean, seriously, Waking Life gave some good perspective on that random brain shit. There's a kind of sublime relevence to them mark these words and mark them well. I wanna remember cause, what if I miss something?

I suppose that has to do with what I was talking about cause I feel increasingly olllld even though I'm only freaking 21. My life, this unique college part of it, is whizzing by. Part of learning to live is letting things like that go, yeah sure. But part of it is reflection on how you live.

So there. That's as good a reason to blog as any.
People write about dumber shit.
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Shut up that cat blog was awsome!

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New Post

I am now posting on my blog. Because I said I would.
There, this is three sentences.


The New Place in Town

Attention all Homepie members:
you are not allowed to read this post

The New Place in Town...on the internet.

You gotta understand this a big move for me, and that I've wanted this for a while.

I got my own webspace.

And it is as awesome as I could ever hope for. I spent a while doing research on what I wanted, reading reviews and finding the best host possible. I chose (and recommend) LunarPages. I get a gig of space, 40 gigs of bandwidth a month, lots of free easily installed software and subdomains, email, a good control panel all for $8 a month. Together with my registrar APlus.net the total came to about $100. That's not too bad for a whole year, as far as I can tell.

As of right now anybody on the internet can visit Homepie.org.

Ah, homepie.org... sounds nice. Why Homepie? Cause I want it for all Homeslices. I want to have us be able to post anything we want, how we want. And yes—I do of course want it for myself. I hope to do a lot with it. I'm gonna use my growing web skills to better myself and gain exposure. It fits in with a few of my new year's goals.

I'm having a party this weekend where the pie will congregate. I got them each presents which I will give in some sort of ceremony. After, I will try to get on the computer and nonchalantly show them "something I found, that I thought you'd like..." and unveil homepie.org. Should be fun.


I'm in a Klingon mood

Orin: the klingon says:
Orin: "nucH'dUc b'la meV g'roN"
Jenna: I blame your groin? Whaaa?
Orin: well, these pants are too small..
Orin: but thats not what he said
Jenna: oh
Orin: the klingon said
"he who asks too many questions, is a dish best served cold"
Orin: mmm yeah
Jenna: you're gonna eat me!?
Orin: sure if you want