Quite busy today. Nice in it's own way.

I spent it with Jenna, most of anyone reading this 'blog' knows who that is. An interjection: I despise the word blog. It's so harsh and germanic and flubs off the tongue you can't help but sounding like a dork in this language. That's the denotation. The connotation is that you're a self-indulgent dork. Not a good dork either. Anyway.

I'm going to blog now.

I just came back from the beach. Again. Just after I'd gotten the sand out from the first time... but the bonfire was worth it. Had to put out some errant flames with my feet and discovered if you kick flaming sand it will uncover more lighter fluid, which will then ignite. This makes a fun and rather risky game. I do recommend it. I was there because these Ben and Lisa people, Jenna's friends, decided to have a bonfire. Ben likes playing with white gas. I have no idea what white gas is but I know it's flammable. We'd brought some cinnamon shnapps liqour with gold flakes in it. Swigged that strait. This was Jenna's idea, as some guy she used to "know" drank this (she's gonna smack me for those quotation marks, haha).

Before this we'd gone to Margie's. Was I ever an annoying high school student with no place cooler to go than the local diner? Damn, I was so I shouldn't complain. The sliders were good but my potatoes didn't come fried.

See what I'm saying about the connotation of 'self-indulgent dork?'

Before that? Uhh...
[relation of activites we perfomed before omitted as to avoid heavy smacking]
And before that there was beach. Same beach. Same day. We'd gotten delicious sammiches from a deli/wine store called La Casa Bodega where we also got the shiny liquor. I chased her around and sumo wrestled and kicked her butt. Or pushed it anyway. That woman gives a mean wedgie, though.

Previously I think there was sleeping, and figuring out how to scan books. Cause, you know, it'd be nice to have them for my classes. Hm.

How did you like the inverted temporal sequence? Was it good for you as it was good for me? Is a frog's butt watertight?