Things Get Better, Eventually

So I just spent a whole load of time blogging. Not here, no. I've finally gotten around to posting the Rocky Horror pictures from two weeks ago. That doesn't sound that long, but it sure seems like it.

I was spurned by the possibility of not being able to post them at all. Things went badly for me on Tuesday. This included the total failure of my keyboard. Another was that I didn't do some recording assignment for my radio class. Another was that I believed the fire alarm made the cat deaf. The weather has also been nothing but gloom and grayness since the election—and that's starting to sink in too. So yeah, I was feeling pretty down on Tuesday.

But now I'm feeling moderately better. My keyboard works again, obviously. I took my laptop completely apart and plugged the sucker back in. My room is clean for the first time in awhile. And the cat's not deaf, he was just in shock (woo!, I suppose).

Both Emily and Jenna are in L.A. for the weekend so I haven't much to do except work on organizing life. I imagine that to be a noble goal if not an exhilirating one.