Halloween Sucked

It just did, ok.

I didn't get to get out of bed until 11:00 (let's not go into that), didn't start making my robot costume till around 4:00, and took the next 5½ hours to finish it. But it was an awesome robot costume, granted. I didn't get to go to San Francisco where Emily was, didn't go to Santa Cruz, not even Salinas. I did get to go visit a shabby bachelor apartment in Marina, drive around with Emily's suitemates trying and failing to trick-or-treat, and then get cited (twice...) for traffic violations that I wouldn't have been cited for any other day of the year. Hooray.

It didn't help that the rest of the Homepie were partying it up in L.A. They called, said they missed me, but not as much as I missed them right then. What was it? Bad Karma, bad timing? I really can't say. I just want to forget the whole damn thing ever happened. Save the robot costume for next year, when I have fun.