And then there was cat

So last Thursday I was walking back from the computer lab...
and I hear this sound...
"Mrooowr? Mrowr?"
A cat.
A cat in need, in need of help.

So I search around for awhile and find it hiding underneath a car in the parking lot. It looks dingy and kind of thin, but otherwise ok. I have to coax it out and it slowly begins to trust me. But as I soon discover, it does not like being picked up. It's also afraid of sudden noises like cars and groups of people. This of course makes it difficult to cross a street. And, having decided that I am going to take this cat in, I finally just scoop him up and hold him tight as I walk across the road, down the path, into my building, and into the elevator—by this point the cat is understandably freaked out. I take him into my room and he doesn't eat or drink, but he does demand intense petting. After awhile he calms down and does.

Now at this point I'm kind of understandably freaked out. I had no intention of getting a pet here in college; my plants were sufficient. Are they still? I don't know. At first I just wanted to find his owner lickety-split. So I made fliers and posted on the forums, but no such luck. No he's ingratiating himself in adorable cat-like fashion. He sleeps next to me at night. He uses the improvised litter box. I can hear him purr through the bedsprings.

My probable course now is just to keep him, enjoy him, and then either take him home or release him. We'll see in the weeks to come.