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#TIL that a sequel to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was planned called “Mr. Smith Starts a Riot.”

#TIL Malcolm X was paraphrasing Cole Porter’s Anything Goes when he said “Plymouth Rock landed on us”.

Dammit, I wanted #TIL about ragtime music, not #TIL the Pan-African flag was created in response to a coon song.…

In 2009, Stephen Hawking threw a party for time travelers; he announced it *afterwards*. And he still hasn’t published the results. #TIL

Further proof that the U.S. Senate knows its rules are stupid, and should be ignored: The Candy Desk. #TIL

#TIL the particular needle-phobia I have can be fatal if blood pressure drops too severely. YES, DR., I NEED NITROUS.…

#TIL according to the Hadith, the last earthly act of Muhammed (peace unto him) was to brush his teeth.

#TIL Rebecca Black is a fan of Justin Bieber, and has expressed interest in performing a duet.

New obsession: this jaw harp I got. When it vibrates your jaw, it gets inside your head. #TIL #boingboingboing

#TIL sideburns are named after one guy, a guy who had really impressive sideburns (go figure)…

The demonym for a person from Vanuatu? Strangely, they’re called Ni-Vanuatu. Also: demonym does not mean “demon name”. #TIL

#TIL that the first female treasurer of the U.S. did such a good job we haven’t had a male one since 1948.

#TIL that Armin Shimerman wrote a Star Trek novel called “The 34th Rule.” I am resolutely convinced that it’s Ferengi porn. #rule34

#TIL that pediatric doctors have repeatedly petitioned for a change in standard hot dog size: less of a perfect fit for a child’s esophagus.

#TIL the Great Oxygenation Event was a metabolic leap, doubled the minerals on Earth & began the largest extinction ever…

#TIL the Hmong likely had an eastern European origin, and were known to the Chinese as the “Miao” — people who talk like cats. Not. Kidding.

#TIL that each Justice of the United States Supreme Court has a spittoon next to his or her seat in the courtroom –…

#TIL that the word ‘dad’ first entered the English language via Angloromani, a gypsy dialect —…