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…then he puzzled & puzzled till his puzzler was sore…

“Then he whipped out some lotion and puzzled some more!”


Also: William S Burroughs is the villain? What? #bmn

I had no idea that “It’s a Wonderful Life” was so weird and random. The squirrel, the raven, Bert & Ernie… #bmn

@Perfect_Timing Uhhhh hugh hhhhh gross. He seagulled him! #bmn

@Perfect_Timing That got a laugh. You’ve been warned. #bmn

@Perfect_Timing Don’t forget the goat! Folks had to improvise before we had safety belts. Hee-haw! #bmn

@Perfect_Timing You’re about two minutes ahead. Also: worst phone sex threesome marriage proposal ever. #bmn

@Perfect_Timing Oh, she swallowed it, all right #bmn

“Are you telling me that a man that took a rocket in the eye 3 days ago is out here painting a thermostat?” #contextfree #bmn #wtf

Rarely am I so disapponted by the ending of a #bmn movie as much as “Taps,” but I really really hate condos.

You know what’s great about “that’s what she said?” Anytime a female says something, that IS what she said. #bmn

After viewing “I Am Legend” I am even more convinced that there is a zombie apocalype movie for me somewhere. But not this one. #bmn

Can’t get her to watch any Mad Max movies, but somehow Swayze’s “Steel Dawn” is to-see. Sometimes I wonder what #bmn has done to us…