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Monthly Archives: July 2017

#favorites #July29 #RestInPics

Jakarta bans bikes from busy new road over risk of selfies…

killing houseflies is a frustrating job but it’s kinda cool to be as important as the President’s Chief of Staff

Happy 29th of July. If you pick one day to mindlessly scroll Imgur, this is a VERY GOOD day.

@unprncbl Hi, I’m part of a show called Radio Unpronounceable, and we’d love to see if we could get your Twitter handle. Please let me know!

Dull, Boring, & Bland…

mad gangsta cred up in this therapeutic environment

Nippapañca means “opposite of conceptual proliferation”, great someone spelled out that idea huh #buddhistlulz

Are you there God? It’s me, Orin.
I’d like to file a report with HR.
Yes I’ll hold.

Great origin story for a future philosophy-based superhero, a worthy sacrifice… via @telegraphnews

Communication is Inevitable
Identity is Conflictive
Context is Fungiblish

#axioms #contextnocontext

Some day an unborn midget is going to be sad because you didn’t purchase it. Google it, loser. #shitlynaesays…

!nobɘʜqoɿƚƨuod ƚi bɘllɒɔ ɘw ,yɒb ym nI

RT @superdeluxe: We’re gonna be so pissed if we end up dying in a war between Donald Trump & a guy who talks like a Bond villain https://t.…

Qu’est-ce que c’est que ce charabia?

The Quick Brown Pterodactyl Flew Over the Lazy Triceratops

Then, for one strange brief moment, the pigeon hovered like a hummingbird… but sensing destiny elsewhere, flew hither… to poo upon another.