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Monthly Archives: June 2017

Snails are pervy pain freaks #TIL

I Think I Just Cannot [trains screaming, 16 seconds, artist unknown]

Tyrian Purple, über-rare snail pigment favored by ye olde superrich, can be made into electronic circuitry #WTF #TIL…

Time flies even faster when you’re having an impossible time getting the fuck out your own front door

RT @NnaSez: In France is hard-hitting politics — violence not sez who Right, only Left —apology also for not post in 3 years…

1) What’s this thing?
2) How can it be used for sex?

hrmm… how to send my neighbor a “World’s Greatest Belcher” trophy with perfect authenticity and zero passive-aggression… hrmm

The plaintive intonation of “#Warriors… come out & plaaayee-yay!” outside my SF window is less creepy than usual.

Overpowering witchy feeling, then the name “Anna” in my head, then watching a doc on Japanese name seals: “oh look, ‘Anna’ is missing” 😯😵🤔

Halfway done with new (all-scrap material) meditation mat… to match that new, exciting meditation bench

trying to remember / remembering to try

Balcony meditation: beer, polyrhythms, new homemade meditation bench. Duct-taping loose telephone pole wires. Frankincense & kitty snuggles.