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Monthly Archives: October 2016

insta-magical secret diary @ Teach me Dairy

#blackandwhite #sorrynotsorry #doordonot @ Mission District, San Francisco

One day this li’l #screenie
coulda illustrated for people’s kids-kids
how 2016 servitors

Bredsnek, I choose you! #brokemon

I made a Halloween mix what’s got evil dripping from every pustulating orifice of bilous hatevenom. You like?…

Do those weed brownie guys in Dolores Park accept EBT? Not-ever-serious question.

“Is there poop?” he asked the heavens, for his feet were on the ground. The ground might have poop. Today it didn’t, though.

If I think about it really hard, can you perceive the Tao on my face? Can you not perceive it?