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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Turns out changing your caller ID to BUMDIDDLY Z. MCSCRUPLES isn’t that hard at all. Good ta know.

My horoscope is about the friendship sector —
my dreams are about friends’ butts

Sometimes I wonder about my past self… what the fuck was he thinking? Maybe my future self will think the same about me (that smug asshole).

sated my beauty-lust absorbifying reaction diffusion videos all night. now behind my eyelids, visions of what looks like brain activity 👀💭

inside my head allatime: a helpful visualized bullshit of thisness #experiment

If you want to know you have to ask. If you have to ask, you might be friggin’ nuts. If you’re friggin’ nuts I want to know you.

RT @naval: Insight meditation lets you run your brain in debug mode, until you realize that you’re just a subroutine in a larger program.

Words fail to explain how I feel this Valentine’s. If you feel the same, maybe you’ll enjoy some breakup music……

@bouncinglime Can’t argue with what works!

Existential annoyance and the impolite satisfaction of cursing yourself out.

@sarahharbin “This”? Please to be explaining what bullshit is this.

Where is the arrow of destiny? First, find the bow of the present.… ⏰/🎁

Adult Swim’s informercial is exactly the kind of thing I would hide from Facebook

Overstated is underpowered.

Those who worship the Superb Owl profane the name of the LORD… #PoesLaw

One sometimes must choose between burlesque vaudeville Weimar cabaret and circus speakeasy jazz acrobat cabaret. Every decision a mistake.


Donald Trump
The Trump Organization
725 5th Avenue
New York, NY 10022

HT @TheNew…