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Monthly Archives: January 2016

@Orinz More or less!

Meditation & spells. Ignoring memory. “I know I don’t know and/or I don’t know I know.” The message/answer/question. Notes. Certainty. Good.

Hmmm… believe it… or not?

RT @AlsBoy: Apologies if you’ve already seen a camel in a wetsuit today

I always enjoy discovering when people begin to correct for a new human error, e.g. “click like below, but only once!”

As of 4:30 am January 19, I’ll have been breathing longer in this century than the last. Would…

I guess now I know $1.5 billion is more than it would cost me to develop personal time travel 😟

@Orinz “them”??!! Can’t even go one sentence.

Hard decision for NASA right now if they happen to discover Life on Mars :-/ #DavidBowie

“What pronouns do you use?”

“This one avoids them if at all possible, tbh.”

Eating a banana in the Planned Parenthood waiting room. #maleprivilege

Be calm.
See the problem in your mind.
Manipulate the space.
Accept distractions, and explore their relevance.
Burma fucking shave.

RT @40ozPAPI: Lol Tru

Explaining unclear tech metaphors as-a-service.

Happy 124th birthday to J.R.R. Tolkien, who is still ridiculously young for a Numenorean.

One hopeful day. This is what is asked of you, in penance for the other things. #newyear

“How come, if a lady’s doin’ kegels, that’s sexy, but when a man does it you always think he’s tryna fart?” #misandry

Spiky spiny little muffins of motivation trying to poke themselves from the tepid stew of ‘eh, it’s fine’ — wait, muffin stew?

end year.