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Monthly Archives: December 2015

21 Cats Who Will Be First Against the Wall When the Revolution Comes

Longest night
Shortest tweet
Like that’s a thing

If the Peanuts Christmas Special was a 90s Nicktoon on #SoundCloud…

Jon Stewart lobbying to extend 9/11 survivor healthcare, escorted out by Capitol Police, grayer than an ex-president

“Of course it’s the same circus. How many post-apocalyptic circuses are there in the Bay Area?”


“Oh ok, point taken.”

Donut meddle in the affairs of wise-nerds, for they somehow quickly annoy

@tjcrowley I recognize that feel. Often basic stuff helps……

Friendly little dinosaur sticker, I send you into the world; I hope your new owner likes you as much as their peeing Calvin sticker.

Yes, well, despite your menacing tone, let us hope that “the twentieth century was just a prequel” is in fact partially true, mind

DON’T BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU THINK… except this thought, I guess? C’mon, criticmind.


@sfslim Agree, but also a rightable moral hazard. Perhaps automatically graver liability for LEOs in cases of (gun?) death?

@aestetix Have you considered possessing MORE information < better information? How is a social worldview based on winning arguments better?

RT @slimedaughter: they don’t understand the people who deliberately damage themselves to escape the walled garden of causality

Baby, let’s get less finite together.

Q: What’s the most abstract thing you haven’t thought of yet, self?

[20 minutes mapping logical implications]

A: irresolvable, but… not?

…a Power Rangers reboot that uses the emotion characters from Inside Out & every episode ends by forming the megafeelingszord named Alright.

Damn but some people love vaguetweeting.

Batter-fried ennui, served w raw unfiltered experience, hold the explanations plz