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Monthly Archives: November 2015

If there were a drug you could take to be more self-aware, would you take it? Bear in mind you’re likely reading Twitter to zone out rn…

Feels-like Forecast™: hella fucken brisk

Happy Halloween, everyone!

RT @rickabruzzo: Fake Black Friday deals

RT @arxivblog: Data Mining Reveals How Smiling Evolved During a Century of Yearbook Photos

Provocative content is stimulating inasmuch as it aims to stimulate *bats eyes*

[percentage of Thanksgiving desserts by color, presented in a pie chart]

“eat my shorts!” #harrypotter #lulz #fuckyourday

“Imagine that everything you criticize about them, you’re actually saying about yourself. Does that change what you say?”

“You’re a idiot.”

But c’mon, realize that it was 2 in 1984 minutes… with inflation? Pfft, like 1.5 hours hate, easy.

Car wash now comes in rainbow

WARNING: in the event of causality, please remain calm.

Recently divorced: my personal Twitter and Facebook streams (…creative differences, you know)

⛄️🚚 Winter Is Coming 🚛⛄️

Found it: El Niñsnow

@rachelannyes Counterpoint: here’s a collection of fanfic for a coffee commercial…

@sarahharbin Finally, one that cannot have “in bed” added to improve it.

Michael Crichton would’ve given a baller TED Talk on why people are afraid of technology ((my phone works again))

Please advise: is it possible to discard the sensation that one is exactly where one is supposed to be at any given time?

@annthurium [citation needed]?…

Inspiring account of a psychedelic journey to the art museum…

RT @PostCultRev: pumpkin spice god complex
pumpkin spice hollow earth
pumpkin spice organ rejection
pumpkin spice rat king