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Monthly Archives: October 2015

This tweet is about enlightenment or whatever. I don’t know… that was so #LastYear 🙏

Microdosing with Mindfulness

Baby let’s dance to NPR

@octal The word you are searching for is “caution”.

@rachelannyes To thine own self be true…

I’ll take Problems That Can’t Be Fixed With Money for $1,000,000,000, Alex.

Consent Classes that are just a roomful of cats, cats that may or may not want to be pet, utilization of catnip **not allowed**.

Working the cab of a rent-by-half-hour mobile sex truck on Valencia. Business as unusual. #hookuptruck

😈 the number of the tweets shall be 6,666 😈

Psssh, assholes think #cynicism is so grownup and clever. “I see through positivity’s bullshit.” Fuckin buncha losers.

You are existing calmly in the center of a universal field
Exits are in all directions
You have a mind

Consensual non-consent is a thing…
a thing so existential it hurts.

We already have awesome bathroom game at my house, but this commercial is the shit #SquattyPotty

I hope you contract an especially virulent strain of happiness 😠😡😄

Mmmm, so high off ragehol right now, I feel like I could argue an ox.

@Orinz @aestetix …he said, missing completely the irony of his Facebook link and medium of communication.

@aestetix Perhaps your filter is obscuring bits of relevant data? Many fear the rise of the techies

Caught myself typing “OPPOSITE sex”… immediately asked self “in this century does anyone in my bubble think that really exists anymore?”

“You’ve had too much to Internet.”

Boy it’s a good thing that’s not a real problem that we have to watch out for, right????????????????????

Is it necessary to amplify signal on the latest mass shooting? Please don’t.… /ht @colinaut