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Monthly Archives: September 2015


( years later I shall be remembered as the human being who finally discovered the true meaning of wonder… )

Duh, #MasculinitySoFragile cuz

•concepts are illusory
•finite identity is a delusion
•duality implies unity
•dicks break sometimes

The #MasculinityIsFragile hashtag is mostly a gender war shitshow of hatevenom, but here’s something actually helpful…

RT @mediapathic: Eventually the news is a hyper-markov chain built from half-understood ideas and vague connections

RT @mediapathic: It starts looping back on itself, recycling new events out of fiction and conjecture

RT @mediapathic: As the perceived information density of our universe increases, the simulation starts to run less and less efficiently.

“Close to the source”

-as media analysis
-as metaphor for why babies are weird

“I’m Jewish, actually.”

“Really — my yentshmiel was a babbitz.”

*squints* *nod of grudging respect*

shoutout to all magicians what have STOLEN a sacred text only to baffle at the sight of an authorship inscribed w/ their own secret name ✨😳✨

This heart is a piñata filled with emoticons


I have had a dream that troubles me, and I must know what it means… if you know what I mean, wink nudge

Inaction is wise. Wei wu wei. Nothing to read here, move along.

@xek Apparently that happens sometimes, the most competent are felt to be the ones educated abroad……

Let me fightpet your cat. I do not experience pain in the way others do. I will perform this as community service.

(Afternoon: lying on a roof, mental gravity turned off, drifting unmoored into a welcoming sky, a texture and not merely a color…)

“Allow yourself a suckle of hate-venom from my colostomy bag of discontent, friendly neighborhood Noosphere.”

–every RT about politics

“time you enjoyed wasting was not wasted time”, y’all <flushes entire afternoon down comfy-bed-and-internet-hole>

RT @tyrsalvia: Talk to your kids about naked selfies.…

“I don’t do drugs and I don’t know anyone who does”

on a button

My Gordian Knot joke got cut :-/

-*-this article is good-*-…

how unusual !! the readings from this morphogenic field passed thru an inverted Riemann-Zeta seem to spell out “burps but with racial anger”