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Monthly Archives: August 2015

PUA douchebags be like lol what creme do I put on my penis cause I get too much haha no seriously ow ow ow fucking fuck the flesh is weak

What does a transphobic wizard say?

spirit animal John Waters says

Donate Your Old Porn to the Homeless

Favor and fortune to my most dear sweet Lynae, who upon this day becomes a 30-something. Get old and stay young, wife-o-mine.

Problemeriffic, boy-o. Let’s not that.

ur KinkBNB appears 2b a hobo tent under the freeway, but thas pretty kinky, and the price is right

Chill out. Load your happy place. It’s green and damp. There’s birds and monkeys. You suspect it’s rendered.

RT @atax1a: hey everyone can we train deep dream on another goddamn dataset instead of the one that’s 98% dogs

thanks in advance #unpopula…

If you want to view paradise…
simply look around & view it
Anything you want to… do it!
Wanna change the world?
Give up now, screw it

What weird-ass part of the world are you from where it’s called a MONOBROW?! I’m offended. #shitorinsays

Journalism scholars of the present and future, take note ¯_(ツ)_/¯…

RT @StartupLJackson: The most compelling argument I’ve read for a naive feed algorithm on Twitter.…

Now they say Cecil the Lion had two bags of Marijuana in his car, like that makes it ok

Aggressive Police Officer Confronts Black Teen with Surprise Puppy for Christmas (and other YouTube videos I’d rather watch)

This robot dinosaur hotel isn’t even using robot dinosaurs for fun, but because it’s cheaper that way. #YesItsJapan…

@keightdee Huh? She seems aware of the ridiculousness, given that she’s laughing… (am I being tone deaf to your intended meaning?)

@annthurium Choose another character class, perchance? Archive of a brainstorm:…

@sindriavanguard I was wondering “do they think white people are people, or…” Regardless, it was a worthy rant, however [in]coherent.

a rainbow shining through the shattered glass of Broken Window theory, a.k.a. jobs

@sindriavanguard that was a really good rant, and also, I don’t know you (hello!), and also, wanna argue meta-narratives of homeostasis?

@sindriavanguard damn but that comma

@Tsaiberia Is that the Censor That Lives Inside? Many opinions and experiences I have with this entity, all goodbad.

@annthurium Yup and yup. Sign me up!

Dear Buddha,

there are a lot of details you left out about “enlightenment”, and I feel an update to your teachings is merited.


“I suffer not a man to teach, nor to usurp authority over the woman, but to be in silence.”

–genderswapped Bible quote [1 Timothy 2:12]