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Monthly Archives: June 2015

Seems like we’re having unseasonably lots of adults crying in children’s movies. #singlemanlytear #okmanymanlytears

a program designed to discover its own source code… does it reinvent 1) the scientific method, 2) metaphysics, or 3) stop playing god, fool‽

@SpaceSciTM Why anxiety?

All the best teachers I ever had were teachers who went off script. Lesson: go off script sometimes.

#Juneteenth was a week ago. You think today is historic? 150 years from now, if somebody actually remembers, what will they call it?

@mediapathic THANK YOU

Oh cheezit, my night just got eaten by contemplation of infinite beauty [live broadcast]

[pictured here: aging Jerry Brown kicks dirt at bottom of empty reservoir, muttering “Dead Kennedys said I’d be president”; his aura frowns]

“Visit Your Screensaver” tempts the billboard. It shows a beach or some shit. But since you’ve been running SETI@home for years, now…

RT @aprilarcus: Can we take a quick break from policing the boundaries of race and gender to ask ourselves who benefits from the existence …

Oh, I forgot to bring a bell for the solstice bell ringing. Now I’m gonna download a bell.

RT @greenberg: If you think San Francisco’s housing market is insane now just wait until Starfleet builds its galactic headquarters in the …

Auto Tune the News, produced only 6 years ago, might very well be impossible today given what the news is like now

RT @LordGrimdark: We’re all the hero of our own stories. But we’re also minor villains in dozens of others.

@IHazRabies After a suitable mourning period for this project, do you have other creative energy brewing inside?

RT @numberkay: …and here’s an article about the inspirations for Inside Out, the upcoming Pixar movie set inside the human mind. http://t…

@sarahharbin Are you belittling Estonia? You wouldn’t pick a fight with all of San Diego, now, would you?

Seriously, if you’re on Twitter, look back through your stuff. It’s one of the pleasures they’ve not robbed you of yet.

RT @colinaut: Solve all your problems with this one simple trick!… #everyherelogistics

Be unto thyself a prophet; the number of the faithful shall begin with 1.

Couples dancing as a dynamical co-self-regulating proprioceptive mindstate-altering interface.

*waves @aprilarcus*

Intertwingularity, a word and concept which definitely belongs in more casual conversations…

What part about “severe drought, limit outdoor watering” did you not understand, Mother Nature?

Went to a farm and saw goats and chickens and pigs… didn’t Instagram anything… worried I’m gonna get kicked out of the Millenials…

It’s just like my grandpappy used to say: ladies with big bottoms shouldn’t wear flowered shorts. #shitlynaesays

@aestetix I’d disagree with you, but I don’t. I guess we’re doing it wrong?

RT @TheLadyNess: Was very upset when kinder eggs became gendered, and this shows why

@rachelannyes The savage in us never left, it just got clever at hiding…

RT @qDot: Life is a series of realization of what kind of idiot you are and how that’s different from the idiot you have been.

My suspicion is that “Baby Boomer” and “Generation X” were also slow as self-identification… any fogeys confirm this?…

Idea: Turing test for virgins, to see if they can convincingly imagine sex enough to fool those who’ve had it.

Jesus ben Ananias, prophet of doom, hates being right all the time…

@outofsequences Rhe only reasonably acceptable explanation is that she was on drugs herself, and found her clever misdirection hilarious.

To kill without the pain of recognition / for that which never lived cannot die / lol one has a chainsaw

@sexualfeminist The subconscious can’t consent. Everything it perceives, it accepts. Reality is bullshit.

@courtneyarch Respectfully disagree. People shouldn’t necessarily feel like the urge to close off from other people is natural or encouraged