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Monthly Archives: May 2015

Inevitably you’re like “wait there’s actually some interesting rationality behind that one”…

Staring at your phone? Try staring at a wall. It’s quite possible to derive equal appreciation from both. #meditationlife

Hey Orin, do you remember how hard a concept “interdependent co-arising” was to grok, before you grokked? Yes. Fuck.…

In the city, the songbird sings at 3 am. So it can be heard. Pieces.

RT @geekeasy: My god! This “free speech unit” is perhaps the most Orwellian thing I’ve ever seen. #Oakland

@Iron_Spike I agree with everything but this ;-) #tryenlightenment

@sfslim Would you take away the experience of pain, now that it’s done, for never experiencing it at all?

@LadyCartoonist if they have juicy sweet white flesh around a smooth brown large central nut, they’re lychees.

Added to our list of vetoed hypothetical kid names: God Zebest.

“I tried that when I was 12. It doesn’t work.”

suspicious zit at base of brainstem + can’t remember last night’s dreams + strange urge to pretend I’m human = alien abduction?

RT @mcclure111: So “I love you” is trending in Malaysia and it doesn’t appear there was an event, it just seems enough people said it to tr…

@sfslim I call shenanigans… moving the goalposts of what constitutes being racist vs. the macro-scale pattern of racism as phenomenon.

“Enlightenment is a demolition project.”

—(don’t say no one ever warned you)

Me: Hey, cat! You were in my dream last night.
Cat: *yawns, reveals thousands of rows of razor-sharp teeth*
Me: Oh, ok then *resumes dream*

#TIL that a sequel to Mr. Smith Goes to Washington was planned called “Mr. Smith Starts a Riot.”

Let us drink deep this dark fragrant juice of earthly existence (get your own sippy cup, this is my sippy cup)

RT @LadyCartoonist: Nailed it. #how-old