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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Confession: sometimes I like to walk into Good Vibrations, fart, and leave. Anyone else with this fetish?

Fantasy: force judgy friends (who claim you’re not a real adult) to read aloud 27 livetweets of your recent DMV experience.

RT @monkeybrainsnet: WiFi usage in a #homeless shelter: the system is half installed and tenants have no instructions. #SelfStarters http:/…

If you were waiting for your chance to get up close and personal with a huge dead thing, wait no longer:…

Fifty-cent Perrier, welcome to the future, jackass. Pour some out for your homies. #shitlynaesays

Either I’m weird, or someone gave me psychoreactive water that dynamically self-alters to taste like different juices.

The peep is a prey species. Its predators sometimes toy with their prey for hours before death.…

Anybody else celebrating April Feels Day this year?

Shout-out to all old ladies who dress like they’ve spent 4+ decades learning to create the outfit they’re wearing today. #SamFrisky