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Monthly Archives: March 2015

My new secret to happiness? Tell yourself the fucked up shit, alone, in a calm place, with great vigor. Don’t assume others want the truth.

Raise your hand if you only know me on Twitter (this is a thing)

Anybody know any vacant lots filled with garbage? Think I have a fun idea for an Easter Egg hunt.

Science… Mysticism… I know there’s supposed to be a difference, but damned if I see it.…

We unsend because we care.

We delete all because we care and because bad brain no no, dumbthinks no good UH UH.

To be unwavering in the face of vicissitudes: loss, gain, good-repute, ill-repute, praise, censure, sorrow, joy… this is true ________.

Logical proposition:

“TRUE and FALSE” are false

— if true, then also not true… but also not false.

(Does this break reality?)

O truth, be ye repulsive and abhorrent, terrifying to behold, heartbreaking and soul-crushing and impossible to tell, I bid, fuhgeddaboutit.

A psychosis (fantasy diverging from reality) lasting exactly one year. And then waveform collapse. The worst things imaginable. But truth.

The game of life. This level’s fucking hard.

@mediapathic “As game progresses, Planet’s growing sentience becomes a formidable obstacle to the human colonists.”…

@Tsaiberia You can’t just pretend like that’s a normal, wholesome activity. Or that you’re not obligated to make enough for the whole class.

Selfie with evil(good) dragon, Orin Zebest, 2015

It’s not like there’s just free #energy out there in the universe and you can just do whatever you want with it…

@wirehead2501 I’m fond of the stories, symbols, and metaphors found in the universe of mathematics. Wherever that may be found.

@aestetix The San Franschism

Neuroscience professor #1 startled the shit out of me today I guess I can’t yet full-reptilian

Let’s call them what they really are. Not ‘personal boundaries’, ‘personal FRONTIERS’. #language

My wayfinding algorithm has been reoptimized to perceive as many possible high vorps as predictable. Vorp = do this thing! it’s better!

This brain. Whoa. Fuck yeah brain[s].

@rachelannyes Seriously. I’m a neuroscience student.

@rachelannyes That’s quite a memetic trove. I’m interested in a few of ‘em, especially the one about mirror neurons… I’m a neuron, myself.

@Tsaiberia Ze don’t make it so obvious, most of the time.

@tjcrowley Shh! We decided to act like we didn’t like it, so they still think they have to come up with something better. You liberal t

@Tsaiberia To be authoritative, pretend you’re the author?

Wow. A year to the day. That’s pretty amazing. To me.

RT @tomgauld: ‘Our Blessed Homeland’ (my cartoon for yesterday’s @guardianreview) –

Neuro-co-divergence. Might be a big problem. #zemind

Happy birthday, Mom! Sorry you couldn’t be with us today. Miss you. Love you. Grok you.

RT @hookuptruck: dreamy dreamy stuff happening, in the midst of a (seeming) crisis. #dreamscometrue #manifestation #hookuptruck #lovepower