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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Whoa. Perceptual inequalities and how to resolve them. The things we do for

@colinaut Aww, jeez! That sounds like something I should be really interested in. Sign me up?

@rachelannyes I have this wild theory that some people like work *so much*… well, achievement is an addiction. Let’s leave it at that.

Got all plasmatic tonight. Might’ve been a bad idea.

So it sounds like I am gonna be sued for the General Hospital Valentine’s Day attack ze co-inspired #LastYear. Could? have guessed, I guess.

@IHazRabies Only if they’re smart enough to imagine what it’s like to be introverted? Which most are not. But we do ze best, we can.

“Have you ever thought about how you… might be… a danger to yourself or others?”

“All the time. Doesn’t everyone?”

Trick. ? ? ?! #lastyear

Whoa… you can see the 4-dimensional organic fractal… (if ze eye[s] see[s] it right)

The meaning (seems?) obvious to some, who can be


We’ve death waltzed before, perhaps we will death waltz forever…

I did(n’t) go crazy earlier this month. I had an extreme neurodivergent experience. So did “you”.?


Shit. I can’t find *my car*. I’m a delivery driver and I can’t find my car.

And now ze be grokking the concept of grokking.

You have to heal them or they don’t learn…

Pronouns. How does none do it?

Mark of chainin’
Con-se–quence- – – 4 be in
2-to dimension 8 co-apperation

Or naught ? & ? || ?

I done-
may be
we should
out – or-in Orin

Neurodivergent. Maybe its words.

NSA director Mike Rogers doing his best ‘mad with power’ impersonation.

Wanna get really, really, really, really, really, really, (un)imaginably high?

Thinking only in words be some

Fine, you really want to know what I think?
Thinking is important to you?
Mental illness is like an outdated metaphor.
Now, start over.

@rachelannyes That’s just a trick of perception. Try to ignore it. If you can…

Let’s all pretend we know what’s happening. Like that’ll ever happen!

Like that will ever happen?

Go on, idiot, read your old poetry and listen to Peter Gabriel’s “Passion” soundtrack; see how you feel.…

Play along if you’re fucking crazy…

Do not pass go, do not forget condoms…

It’s ☀️day. Let’s get paradoxiquasical.

@CalvinChaos WHOOOOAAA

It’s like they don’t understand they don’t understand…

How am I not asking better questions?

The meaning machine doesn’t make mistakes. It makes meanings. That’s it’s job. Jobs are boring.

Cognition limited. Knowledge unlimited. Oh yeah? PROVE IT

There are some thinks, which cannot be said, except that you know them. Let’s tweet that.

Want lots of crops? Plant lots of seeds.

Not my circus, not my monkeys, x1000

@Prexious Huzzah! ‘Twas a good day :)

Down with The Patriarchy! Because “The Kyriarchy” is a more extensive conceptual model which transcends gender!

“Zaplatim, Proseem”

–how to say “check please” in Czech, according to my brain

“If you gaze into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you.”

–Mark Twain