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Monthly Archives: January 2015

@sfslim Thanks, slim!


To! Fuck.

Whoops, I meant greater than OR equal two.

Right, right , that’s why South Koreans are so good at Starcraft. Also: the Protoss/Terran/Zerg triangle inequality z < x + y. Whoa, math!

@Orinz hey, mere.. we did it. we balanced the equation, or something.

@Orinz Nope.

Me do math brain solve problem good now.

I’ve been probabilistically recomplexifying thoughtforms lately. All in good fun. If that makes no sense, nevermind.

New Year’s Resolution: put more things with things. Also honesty.

I can be resolved to be more attentive to approximations of whatever the hell I wanna say. Damn key party.

What does a cowpoke smoke when they don’t smoke A cigarette? B cigarette.

Wanna guess which piece (of the big birthday cake) I think I was missing ? You all know already, but i’d be interested to hear what’s said.


Big fire a couple blocks from my house last night. Scared the B-jesus outta me. Seems like they’re not gonna release more information, tho

A day well-spent leaves battery at hello… hello, is this thing on?

@aprilarcus Of course! Sorry for the delayed response , I’m a little behind

I used to hate baseball, but then I’m like… bases… fields… pitches… it’s math! And we all love math.

One idea, 2 idea, thr33 idea…

Multidimensionalality along co-diverging degrees of freedom and also dumb jokes.

@LadyCartoonist Meru Dallus

Exercise. Cloud. Leak. Organization. Smart. Target. China. Social media. Dictionary. Sweeping.

There, now the Feds know I’m a terrorist.

Wave/particle dualities. Surfing vs. juggling. Impressionism and pointillism.

Ugh. Awake because I dreamed I was dreaming.

“Have a good day!”


Fuckfuckfuck he’s on to me.

Current game: “do I have AIDS?” Planned Parenthood is DM’ing, hope I roll a 0.

@bowed_idly Crap! I hadn’t realized that fucker invented the loop pedal!

@FuckTheory Seeing how often myths were used to explain nature, I guess I’ll be modeling my worldview on Facebook. Ok!

@sherilyn Yup. It makes you feel like the kid on the playground who gets kicked out of one play group after another.

@sherilyn Some idiot told me he always just writes “I was looking for work”, which seems too simplistic.

Bondage is just macrame, but for people. #shitlynaesays

@aprilarcus You can look like whatever you damn well please, that’s for damn sure.

@aprilarcus It’s interesting manipulating gender in math concepts. What would a distribution plot of it look like? How about its waveform?

@rachelannyes When can we block them from our timeline IRL?

My kink is not your kink (my kink is to have women mansplain things).

If you lose your way tonight
That’s how you know the magic’s right
That’s how you know the magic’s right…

When I grow up, I want to be everything.

Don’t make me get asymptotic on your ass.

@mediapathic Don’t get all “eppur si muove” on me, buddy, you can’t prove nothing.

@mediapathic Lemme know when it sounds like it’s gone well.