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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Simultaneously crazier than I was before and saner than I’ve ever been.

I always told you drinking butter was tasty; you never believed me. #shitlynaesays

“What if the purpose of your life is to determine the purpose of your life?”

Wonder if that means anything.

Seen on walkabout: female artist encased in a terrarium behind shop window. “Because all women in society are on display.” Kissed the glass.

@vniow Lessons Ani learned the hard way.

And now, to get my cheek swabbed so the super-intelligent robots in the future will have some genetic material to work with.

@mediapathic That sounds like it could be really quite tricky.

I feel a lot less weird than I used to. Is that, like… good?

I’m thinking of returning to school —Students offered degree course in ‘Wasting time on the internet’ (not The Onion)

@Tsaiberia More so than ever…

@jnnamcky You got a story to share?

@hookuptruck Hey, great for night vision on these lengthening autumn nights…

@Prexious Oh, I am doing quite fine. Really proud of what I wrote, but I really can’t say what it’s about. It’s taboo to talk about.

I also expect that last tweet will disappear at some point.

I’m writing something I intend to be read once and then deleted, since it’s very important that the ideas in it not be made too public.