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Monthly Archives: July 2014

#TIL Malcolm X was paraphrasing Cole Porter’s Anything Goes when he said “Plymouth Rock landed on us”.

Flop gets catnip. Orin gets tea. Tea is not catnip!

Life is a lot easier now that I decided not to dislike so many things. Malls, pop music, capitalism, the universal transience of existence…

@scanlime I suspect, strongly, this is a rare flower: quantum physics poetry. If not:…

Ruminations and machinations on a post-Tipsy world.

Unexpectedly deep:

“Looks like you’re watching test drive videos. Getting a new car?”

“Yeah. I’m looking into Infinity.”

It’s kind of nice to realize that every single person on the planet also gets social anxiety.

Camp Tipsy Friday night. It’s just about everything I dared hope for. Which is to say: I’m really quite enjoying myself.

Drinking kava has become a Zebest Fourth of July tradition. We’ve decided that it’s the sizzurp of the South Pacific.

If you start noticing coincidences more and you smell funny, that is a hormonal warning sign for craziness. Also explains hobostink.