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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Because this recent radio show took forever to make, and because I know it’s worth listening for 15 #unprncbl minutes…

I already knew this, which is why I try to follow “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”…

@outofsequences Dammit! I wish I had seen your messages earlier. I was being encouraged to go to Dyke March and pick up chicks.

Oh, no, it’s not like I was using that dopamine for the motivation centers in my brain or anything.

@Tsaiberia Hang in there, emotional being

Today’s laid-back summer-chill rickroll…

It’s finally done! The epic episode of Radio Unproduceable that I started work on in 2012 is public. Have a listen!…

When I hang out with a foreigner, their accent gets in my head. That’s how I know that buffalo & beefalo sound identical in New Zealandish.

A blood test revealed high cholesterol. The flushing from the my new niacin supplements reveals that I’m really a blueberry.

RT @DocPop: Just because you aren’t paying attention doesn’t mean the city isn’t still full of weird and wonderful people.

Last night it finally happened: I stopped only feeling shame, and started feeling genuine anger at the hospital for what happened. Feelings.

Buddhism. Because there’s comfort in learning about the universality of discomfort.

@sonomabuzz I went back and figured out how to leave one, so I did my duty eventually.

Last tweet brought to you by guilt at not leaving a large enough tip.

I slackened on Twitter a few weeks ago. I began devaluing my small moments. But small moments of grace are a fucking gift. So I start again.

@outofsequences I’m not!

@outofsequences Normally we’re free on Tuesdays. This Tuesday we have something at 6:30 but r free b4. Would love to see you sometime, too.

@outofsequences I’ve had some good days lately, but today I’m feeling down. Headed to see a circus that might cheer me up. Checking up?

My back hair is symbolic of the interminable march of age, therefore it is both humorous and terrifying.