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Monthly Archives: May 2014

That’s the first time I’ve gotten into an argument about post-death sci-fi scenarios.

SOMETHING and NOTHING is all there is. Our complex universe is their exquisite, mystical interplay.

(I had a good day today.)

“Everyone should have a museum dedicated to the worst day of their life and be forced to attend it with a bunch of tourists from Denmark.”

The new 9/11 museum is exactly as tasteful as anyone could really hope… #longreads

@mediapathic I perceived myself living in one once. It was the most harrowing & crazy experience of my life. I do not entirely recommend it.

Could there ever be a conspiracy so grand that even the conspirators did not know their role?

This and other semi-delusions.

Divinity as a function of a dysfunctional brain: Heaven on Earth for epileptics…

Wisdom of the street: “greed’s a disease / on your wants it feeds / till you’re left with nothing but needs”

@Tsaiberia For what it’s worth — and this may or may not be what you were hoping to hear — I admire you.

I may just have to live with uncertainty, never knowing, always wondering… who gifted me this exquisite dinosaur head mug.

Sometimes I imagine my mind can contain everything of what it is to be human. And I get so confused being just one person.

If you used it right, I bet you could do a lot of damage with a carrot tied to a stick. #shitlynaesays