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Monthly Archives: April 2014

Nothing special. Just wanted to make an update. Feel like I hadn’t made an update in a little while.

Believe it or not, Orin Zebest sometimes enjoys pop music…… on #SoundCloud

Although she’s gone, my mom still reminds me to brush my teeth.

This is a repeat:

See into the truth of human interactions. Help others do better. Help yourself do better.

A religious idea I once found beautiful and wanted to believe:…

Which stage of grief is seeing the dead in dreams, younger and younger, as stars fall overhead?

So it turns out the feast day of St. Dymphna (patron saint of the mentally ill) is my wedding anniversary. Surprised?

RT @tagaq: What if we only grow up after we die, and we are confined in the adolescence of flesh?

THEY ARE ALL OUT TO GET YOU except ‘get’ here has the meaning of ‘attempting to understand something’. You, uh, get me?

@Tsaiberia well, *hugs* back to you then. I don’t know what else to say except that sounds nice; let’s do that.

@rachelannyes Eustress. A fond friend of mine and yours, apparently.

@Tsaiberia How can you continue to be so damned inspiringly positive?! It’s just so infuriatingly life-affirming, dammit.

I love to read my own Twitter history. It’s a catalog of my own tiny memoirs. Sometimes I think it’s the only reason I love Twitter so much.

Two more full moons since Lupercalia and I still haven’t turned into a werewolf again! Yay me!

Every little lift helps,
whether you’re down
or whether you’re up.

A new experiment in sharing weird records: Vinyl Unpronounceable

(speaking of attachment)
Gil Says Nothing Has to Happen:…

I’m paraphrasing here but

“the key to longevity and staying young is not becoming overly attached to the decade when one first got laid.”

Make sure you capitalize the D in Dwarvish. What? Don’t look at me that way; I saw the #shitlynaesays lightbulb go off above your head.

I feel like there should be a whole book of the heroic exploits of heroic Dwarvish lesbians. #shitlynaesays

You’re wearing a pair of glasses with no lenses.
You perceive a persistent smudge.
This be what called brain smudge.

“Orin, what do you do when you don’t know how to do the right thing?”

“I reinstall Windows.”

San Francisco: the Worst Place Ever?…

(I hereby observe how the media is upselling the downsides.)

^ @BayAreaGB There’s a perfectly rational explanation for all of it!

Am I the only one able to watch the Ghostbusters movies from a non-magical, material reductionist point-of-view? It’s totally there.

Pre-1900 San Francisco Catholic church now a roller-skating sanctuary… /via @tjcrowley

Another day, another catastrophic failure of my computer. This is beginning to be embarrassing.

Sadly, I’m too snide to wear a snood. #shitlynaesays

When I search for ‘sweater kittens’ the only things I get are kittens wearing sweaters. #shitlynaesays

“But what if I don’t have [professionally-diagnosed mental condition]? What if, actually, I’m just stupid? Huh? Huh?”

Got all dressed up in my rainbow suit for St. Stupid’s. Chickened out. That was stupid.