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Monthly Archives: March 2014

@monkeybrainsnet Hey, Orin Zebest here. Any reason why my Internet would be down (approx 2 days)?

The heartwarming story of the Sicilians who put the first conollo into space… #unprncbl

Just a video of magic being performed for dogs. Dogs love magic.

@0x0000org Wow! Well, it’s a fun concept and @SFWater *should’ve* released it, even though it was a couple private citizens.

SF’s Public Utility Commission releases, a web app that shows where your poop goes /via @arlenarlenarlen

RT @aprilarcus: “Don’t pin your ‘don’t pin your trip on me’ trip on me”

Try writing it more vaguely, not less. That way the room for interpretation is even roomier.

@KdotCdot @xek @will_sargent All y’all acting like entropy (and/or subverting it) isn’t somehow weird and magical enough on its own…

@colinaut I think it’s he same reason we don’t have real basements: earthquakes. No existing pipes to run through. Every time we gotta dig.

I’m re-reading Chicken’s book. Or, really I should say, *reading* Chicken’s book.

On biology:

Complexity tends to be found at transition zones. Life is based upon exploiting energy gradients.

(We are all edge cases.)

@Perfect_Timing Yep. Yep it was. Porn from one no longer with us, so it was sentimental n stuff.

Something that may now exist: a 3D 35mm photo of me throwing a pornographic paper airplane.

@LadyCartoonist Every month is pie month, though. On this we must surely agree.

“What do you mean?! You’re my wife I can pinch your butt any time I want!”

“But now you can’t pinch it just because I’m not wearing green.”

“They come here and essentially it’s terrorist rumspringah. But if they decide it’s bad, instead of returning to the farm they blow it up.”

Ever feel like all the world’s newspapers are trying to make your city seem worse than it really is, so that fewer people will move there?

@sleepbotzz Most people would’ve sneezed by now. Are you a Jainist or something?

@xek You are, like, the least willfully romantic person I know. It’s a stack of handwritten notes about yourself. Grow a winsome bone.

@KdotCdot We all watch out for each other. The crackhead could be thought of to be an emissary of the Reality Check, if one is an optimist.

Memories of good parties… they only make me want to work harder toward the noble cause of throwing more good parties.

@NewsUnusual This seemed like a great idea! What made you stop?

The name “Zebest”, plucked from the æther by Lynae & I, may have previously had roots in a shtetl of northeastern Ukraine. (I learn things.)

@rachelannyes Giraffes are totally the future. I know that seems like a stretch, but…

@rachelannyes waittaminute waittaminute waittaminute giraffes is not quite like those other things…

3/14 Pi day
3/15 Ides of March
3/16 full moon
3/17 St. Patrick’s Day

Vatican offers indulgences for followers of its twitter account #unprncbl

@yerdua Oh yeah. No matter how specific one’s intent, the fungibility of language is our constant companion. Maybe. Probably. Possibly.

Then there was the time that computer genius Orin couldn’t figure out how to reset his CMOS so he paid a professional $29 to do it for him.

@mediapathic What?! Bullshit. Pics or it didn’t happen.

Objective achieved: throw out/give away contents of giant box from my childhood that’s been gathering dust for 15 years.

My Flickr has been unusually active the last week. You see?…


On my first ever official invoice for work, I included a no-wink surcharge of $1.50… which is what you GET for forgetting to wink.

Is it weird that the California DMV is taking advice from Reddit on driverless car regulation?…

@bnsrf What she said.

Anybody out there want a big box full of our old dishes that are still perfectly good?…

Why yes, of course there is a link to subscribe to our podcast, why do you ask?

(click the space conollo to listen in to our modest foreign-news-story-loving 48:33-long program!)

Return of Unprncbl! Our nearly 2 year hiatus has been broken… with Space Pastries!