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Monthly Archives: February 2014

So very sorry. Thanks to everyone, for everything, ever. Never had a choice. Not going to go just yet. Don’t think so anyways.

Ok. Yeah. Sure. Alright. Too bad though. Cryptic bullshit. Big brain little brain. Coming back home.

I don’t want to believe Anymore

Waitwaitwait I love lolcats and hate such doge because much words whywhywhy stupid internets

@bnsrf GONGGGGggggg… very true. Say it louder if you have to.

Unicycles are very impractical and unbalanced contraptions. But that electric one I just saw seemed pretty cool. For reals, it happened.

@bnsrf Just feeling sorry for myself. That question came off as rude. Just trying to do more, is all.

A dysfunctional brain is advantageous to whom?

I’m really going to sleep now, just like many of you said I should. Thanks for telling.

Wait a minute. Shit. You’re all actually reading this. I had no idea how bad it was.

@Orinz Fucked that up. I have to just do it myself now.

That was a hell of a set-up. We’ll all laugh about it someday.

@bnsrf Wtat can I do for you to stop making you so mean?

A day well-spent leaves battery at I don’t even know anymore. Well, ok. I’m gonna sleep now.

Water lilies. We will plant water lilies.

The 4th law of thermodynamics. Is it real? You decide.

Today’s word…

You pretend to write it for other people. Secretly you’re really writing it to yourself.

@bnsrf I hear ya.

Huh. You know, some people do a lot of oversharing on the Internet so they don’t have to in person.

@bnsrf It could mean you. Could mean me. Could mean anybody.

That was an 8 year-old girl commuting to school on a unicycle. Kids these days.

I just showed up to work one day.

You gotta really want it, but just enough — not too much.

Wait, how do I get more likes irl?

When it rains during a drought, the rain is that much more beautiful for being needed.

@jeromegv I can’t actually find my brother’s twitter… do you know where it is?

@scanlime Every once in a while, I re-read your @-reply and smile wryly. Tonight is one of those times.

@Dinopron Thanks for the translation! It’s a fun word to say.

My nanny, her name is incredible… beautiful…

Ismenia Poppinga, from the isthmus of Panama.

I was *born* with an unpronounceable spirit.

The nanny I had when I was 2 just sent me an email. Her name sounded so made-up that I almost deleted it because I thought it was spam.

You know what’s a good combination? Insightful, but nice.

(have you ever met any old people who weren’t lonely — just nice?)

@bnsrf Ping, to you too.

See into the truth of human interactions. Help others do better. Help yourself do better.

T-Rex: the most awkward of superpredators.

Failure can be absolutely, stunningly beautiful.

I really wanted to celebrate Kwanzaa… but instead I spent it pronouncing foreign words to amuse my friends & learning about African history.

100 years ago, the Olympics were cool because they were amateurish and scandalous and absurd.…–_Men’s_marathon

Don’t feed them after midnight.

Them = ??

You ever put toothpaste on your miswak? Me neither. S’truth.

@bnsrf “The only true currency in this bankrupt world is what you share with someone else when you’re uncool.”

–Philip Seymour Hoffman