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Monthly Archives: December 2013

Girl who just moved here from New Orleans. I got to introduce her to Emperor Norton first. Feels pretty good, lemme tell you.

I just spent way too much on computers. But the guy ahead of me spent twice as much on a bitcoin mining rig, so I don’t feel so bad.

No power in the ‘Verse can stop me from writing Lurch/Hodor slashfic. #shitlynaesays

I’m just gonna go do my own ecstatic Dionysian rite in the hallway. #shitlynaesays

These days, I assume that strange noise in the middle of the night is either the cat or a ghost — and I’m happy either way.

“I dunno, just fuck with it until it doesn’t look boring.”

–an approach to art which hasn’t failed me yet

So here be it observed: this, the last day of my 20s.

This Santacon, all I want is a gaggle of angry Krampi to raid the bar crawl with pamphlets for 12-step programs.

The ultimate task of every apprentice is to out-do the master.

Many receive advice; few profit by it. #lastnightsfortune

Q: do beams of light veer due to Earth’s Coriolis effect?

A: flame wars about physics are sort of a problem, sorry

Huh, that’s weird.

I hurt my middle finger cleaning a bus.

2 hand positions make it feel better: a clenched fist, or this mudrā I just learned.

Currently exploring the perception-space of the 2nd person plural.

My way is the weird way.

Ask yourself this question: why is Pinterest not owned by Etsy? Then go fuck off for a bit.

@CoralAorta I’m pretty happy with it. Carry on, human.

Currently Googling: “common idiosyncratic hand gestures among philosophers”.

Where else to put a trampoline but the roof?

@CampTipsy Hey, who controls this account? I’d like to do some more stuff with it. It’d be good. Contact me.

Next year, let’s have temporary @CampTipsy marriages, with rings made from golden zipties and hope.

Today, the Zebests got to celebrate Hanukkah. More or less by accident.

Ladies and gentlemen, the lighter of chickenjohn.

I like to go into paleontology exhibits, find people with kids, and inform them of the local toy store’s excellent dinosaur collection.

This is a nice place sorta. The Campanile exclusively plays songs about misspent youth.


Currently thinking about: Creation and Destruction, together at last. And listening to this underrated pop tune:…

“It’s all good.”

–some Chaotic Good jerkhole who is too good for their own good

Now it is December.
It is the last month.
You have one month left.
Make it count.

“Aye Cregger Ulter were the best of the Wee Craft till Moggs McCovin took his N’erywells in sport one Tumblemas morn’.”


@bnsrf Before she died, my mom got brain damage & talked in slow motion. But we weren’t really McDonald’s folk so I guess your point stands.

Looking forward to being middle-aged, because why not.