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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Conduit or Generator?

Ha, just kidding.…

Why’s it always gotta be BLACK Friday? Hm? You never hear anybody call it “African-American Friday”. #racistorjustweird

@xek Comes in lots of colors, too. So hip it doesn’t even have a Wikipedia page yet.


Certainly none last night.

@colinaut Put me on that list…

@sfslim You know about The Institute of Possibility? About the Garden? You should. Ping me.

@neuralcowboy I dunno is Pownce still around?

“The universe, she each all ache for the joining.”

Not that there’s anything wrong w/ [being otherkin], I’m a female-identified hamster trapped in the body of a drunk #shitmyfriendssay #tfln

instagram dot com slash I wear women of color as brooches or something

@mediapathic Does that help? With being brilliant n shit?

@sherilyn Some of my best friends are rubbish.

@mediapathic Congratulations, drunky. You finally figured it the fuck out.

I’ve been feeling really centered today. On target. Pointed in the right direction.
I might be able to teach you.

My hallway, 28. Under the rock.

You may need this information one day.

Technology is a form of Magic? / Magic is a form of Technology?

Believe in Abundance, and you shall find it in abundance.

“She’ll kill anything that gets in the way of her killing anything.”

–father-in-law speaking of my wife

Whoa. I can do that.

I want to apply an inverse Bechdel test to #MastersOfSex, and determine how many female characters have NOT had meaningful interactions.

Are widdershins and deosil reversed in the Southern Hemisphere? Asking for an imaginary friend.

Full-turban, full-beard Sikh construction worker. 20 points.

I drink your milk of human kindness.

Driving through a voluminous rainstorm, listening to Quiet American’s “Nimbus”, just to mess with my head.…

Pleasurable Experiences:
have them —
create them —
((talk about them like they’re really important))

This goddamn sandwich tastes like The American Dream. #shitorinsays

Cats can think I am magic as much as they damn well please.

It’s important that parents and cat owners and girlfriends not think I am simply MAGIC. I make mistakes.

My mistakes are part of who I am.

Nothing like hearing that one of your relatives has high blood pressure to make you want to eat a breakfast bacon burger. #shitlynaesays

@LadyCartoonist Fuck yeah, luck.

Only the weak or the utterly ruthless have zero enemies. Good people always have a few.

“So, this girl goes by the name ‘Nothing’, and she…”

“Stop. Ok. That’s enough. You had me at Nothing.”

Now, 2 people know the story of that last tweet. Myself and the other. That is enough.

“You’re pretty. You’re gifted with beauty. I don’t usually tell people that, but I wanted to tell you.”

You are a terrible jerk for having nice things, you kinda know that, right?

@paleofuture This too shall be remembered.

The task of an Apprentice is not to equal the Master, but to surpass him. Such does the world grow.

No gods, no monsters, only ourselves — mankind’s darkest suspicion.

Femme Lesbian Brides, surprisingly, exhibit the least Bridezilla of all known bride types.