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Monthly Archives: October 2013

That costume is amazing. He looks just like an old homeless man. #shitmyfriendssay

A fine day’s work. Oh, crap, it’s only 3 o’clock.

Do the Amish eat their scrapple with sriracha? #shitlynaesays

Why does my phone capitalize ‘Sexting’? #shitlynaesays

“What kinda crazy mixed-up world is this?!
And PLAY with them?!
On my synthesizer?!”

@orinz, 2013

live set by Daedelus, Zebest morning music… on #SoundCloud

@colinaut I do that every once in a while. It’s good soul work. They Might Be Giants: “build a little birdhouse in your soul.”

@tjcrowley Bitter, youth-hating, and poorly-researched articles in Newsweek are ruining the occult.

* it is highly unlikely that anything like this ever happened

“C’mon @chickenjohn! You’ve got a story for everything. Talk about when Sandra Bernhardt paid you to watch Lou Reed snort coke off her cock”

@sfslim Don’t feed the trolls.

Presented without comment.


(itself a corruption of “parnian rug gallery”, the rug shop’s real name.)

Dammit, the geo-location for that last tweet was supposed to be “Permian rug Gallery”.

I just got quoted for some Turkmen or Turkmen-like rugs.

My solution was to go camping by myself.

I’m in Big Sur. If you know anything that I should know, let me know.o

I think I need to fix my shit.

Remembered this day, for on this day Orin uploaded a year’s worth of Instagrams and nothing bad happened.

(since civilization advanced, music’s Library of Alexandria was quickly rebuilt and is now better than ever:

6 Years ago today, music’s Library of Alexandria was destroyed.’s_Pi… #ripOiNK

Actually, “actually” is one of my most overused words, actually.

RT @claytoncubitt: May you be cursed with good ideas.

“Proper ladies don’t shart!”

“Here are my rules if you want to face-paint this year: rule number 1: NO blackface on non-African children.”

C’MON! If you’re not going to be honest before God, the NSA, your online followers, and all your future selves, who will you be honest to?

That thing where you fart and it smells strange enough that you reconsider your life choices.

Adventures in Common Meter……

Dammit, I wanted #TIL about ragtime music, not #TIL the Pan-African flag was created in response to a coon song.…

Although the forecast claims 0% chance of precipitation, it still feel like “It’s Gonna Rain” (drum ‘n’ bass remix)…

The only one that thinks Chaotic Good often looks a lot like Lawful Evil?

corn to the left of them
corn to the right
battered and fried
fried and battered

–the corn maze of the fright brigade

“Why is there Death Metal but no Birth Metal?”

“I think Birth Metal is, like, the sound of crying babies and screaming women.”

Idea: website with @jennyholzer truisms, where one vote on their true-ism or false-ism, crowdsourcing actual *trueness* of the truisms.

I didn’t go camping.

To contemplate the beauty and power of nature is to conjure such majesty in our own nature. Burma Shave.

The question which has haunted Civilization since its very first collapse, that Bronze Age nightmare of invasion and plague: “whahappen?”

RT @discordianquote: Precision in language is vital for stuff.

You gotta have a lot of ideas.
Because most of your ideas are crap.
Because most ideas are crap.