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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Would you be disappointed if I told you that half the time I’m being clever, I’m actually trying to impress robots from the future?

In the famous words of Koko the gorilla, “bad sad cry-frown”.

@colinaut British Columbia is… different from the rest of Canada… isn’t it.

RT @kottke: The necromancer had tried so hard to be like horse, but something had gone wrong.

Repeat after me: Semantic satiation. Semantic satiation. Semantic satiation.…

“Cultures are interesting”

–comment #692 on my YouTube video about a Catholic nun in Papua New Guinea (4.2 mil views); by FAR the nicest

A day well-spent leaves battery at 1%.

“Your contention is that sparklepony is a female-gendered term, yes? Does that not imply the existence of sparklebronies?”

like GitHub but for the constitutions of Nation-states

like Wikipedia but for better laws

like Reddit but for pretending your vote matters

Further proof that the U.S. Senate knows its rules are stupid, and should be ignored: The Candy Desk. #TIL

My mom died.

@arlenarlenarlen Wait, which one? There are three.

“I just want to feel normal right now.”

“Orin, that’s the single most ridiculous thing you’ve ever said to me.”

@bnsrf Damn.

Just got the phone call. Oh, man.

It’s Sunday. Time to how imagine a historical comedy based on the men’s marathon of the 1904 Olympics.…

Lake Issyk-Kul mean “Hot Lake”, which is explain by fact it never completely freeze.

You forgot to repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

Just bore witness to a lover’s quarrel. The topic: NSA’s spying in their lives.

It’s gotten under our skin. That’s all I can say for sure.

My soul was fed today. Its food: a promotional documentary for tourism in Kyrgyzstan, entitled “The Amazing Country of Kyrgyzstan”.

Having the agency, skills, and resources to do a cool thing… is very different from knowing whether it’s a good idea.

Well, that’s one day of my life lost in contemplation of Hieronymus Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights. I can seriously deal with that.

‘The Primordial Bestiary’

@stereo_dose I have some wallpaper stuff that might work, all CC-BY:…

Also a color set:…

Is tactical glitter a thing yet? #shitorinsays

@b3ttybo0o Creepyhot.

“Helps prevent STDs, including pregnancy.”

Our lives are lived in a superposition of Goofus AND Gallant, each of us laboring under the delusion that we can tell the difference.

@datawench The fact is that Wagner comes off as kind of a dick.

#BawdyStorytelling. I think Lynae just introduced the Zebest term “superlaid” into the water supply.

Birth control is the new civil right: Abortion Freedom Riders and the counter-offensive against Christian fascism

I thought the marimba was a kind of dance. I think I confused the merengue and the samba. #shitlynaesays

Yes, I would absolutely love a live-tweeted shower. Once @Paleofuture live-tweeted drinking a glass of water. It was fucking amazing.

To all burners who have publicly discussed their showers this past week: congratulations, welcome back, and next year please live-blog them.

@tagaq I admit I was a bit worried. But, being a fan, it just seems weird to ask about. Glad you’re fine.

Whoa, that was pretty weird. Tonight was normal. That hasn’t happened in a while.

Like a sin-eater, but for puns. A pun-eater.

Hey Orin, remember that time you tweeted an oblique, overly clever reference to a personal event, to use as a mnemonic hint? NO!? Well then.

@tyrsalvia Relevant: Wikipedia’s List of Unusual Deaths has more entries for 2013 than any other year…

@ritualcoffee “Behold, your future Queen.”