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Monthly Archives: July 2013

@jeromegv nope.

My mom unfollowed me on Facebook due to a poorly-timed Voynich manuscript/Federalist papers followup joke. True story.

“As long as the child loads the truck, I’ll be happy.”

–c’mon guess already

Wait, I’m the only one who finds it funny to call it “America’s See You Pee”?

@stereo_dose Up and down… but if the total is displayed, don’t show them separate, just the cumulative total. Positive reinforcement only.

@sonomabuzz I don’t really know a lot of those words…

@sonomabuzz ??

today has been a high lag day.

Rigorous scientific attempts at defining a 4th law of thermodynamics!…

“Have a good time in America!”, he said to the French tourists, knowing full well how complicated that could be.

Q: Will the human condition get better?

“If the definition of ‘better’ includes ‘weirder’, yes.”

–Dr. Hal paraphrased from last night

RT @datawench: In capitalist America, bank rob you.

I don’t care, I am NOT shaving my knuckles for any woman, and that’s final! #shitorinsays

It really makes you wonder: for all the tangible real-world good it’s done for the American people, how is FOIA still even legal at all?

And this little hard drive was named “Fail-o the Wondershit”.

The UK’s recent jihad against Internet porn is about as misguided as you expect…

Do they make fat suits in child-size? #shitorinsays

The first rule of dubstep karaoke is: do not actually encourage people to create dubstep karaoke.

@Perfect_Timing Whereof one does not know, thereof one must not speak.

Concerning tzedakah: they’re not random acts of kindness… they’re pseudo-random acts of kindness. That’s ze best humans have devised so far.

A cover of Prince’s “Strollin’” which is about trollin’, lollin’, and rickrollin’.

Do you want any vintage paperclips? We have soooo many vintage paper clips. #shitmyfriendssay

“What’s the North Korean term for the reunification of North and South? There’s a special word…”


“Oh, yeah… wait… dammit!”

This is Ephemerisle. If you understand the concept if terra nullius, you understand chair-a nullius. That’s why I stole your chair.

And now, witness the firepower of this fully-armed and operational karaoke boat.

This tweet sent via Orin’s accordion.

Well… although there are better things I could have done with my night (like actually pack for the trip), my accordion now has wifi.

When’s the last time I tweeted about an app? Never? So this must be great or something. Which it really, really is.…

An adaptation of “My Fair Lady” set in India where Eliza Doolittle is an untouchable from Dharavi. The cockney accent would go unchanged.

When you gaze into the software, the software also gazes into you.

“Honestly, ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’? People have crapped better schema of human personality.”

I’m paraphrasing this email I wrote, but “we have to be more libertarian, for lulz, fuck Barry Goldwater.”

Confirmation bias isn’t bad. It’s essential to the compounding feedback loop we call “artistic preferences”.

Burners Without Borders: Afghanistan edition.…

“Nobody likes you. They just say they like you.”

–things I say to a belt when I step on it the wrong way

@arlenarlenarlen You people need to learn how to have less exciting parties.

• Publish last night’s photos

ERROR – the task tree for this to-do item has grown both logarithmic and nondeterministic.

Every problem you’ve had in the past connects with every problem you have right now.

I fell in the boat lawn :-/

She even joined the æ of my name together. That’s how you know that [friend] really loves me. #shitlynaesays