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Monthly Archives: June 2013

@bnsrf Get those motherfucking dinosaurs off your motherfucking spaceship, because if you fuck that up, what hope is left? None.

@bnsrf That’s the one that made me stop watching. I am a nerd with standards and I’m not ashamed.

SomaFM’s Burning Man station has become my go-to eclectic music radio. I’ve never been. I don’t care. It’s excellent.

Googles “wisdom.”
Googles “meta-wisdom.”
Googles “use Google to learn more about yourself & the universe & knowledge & stuff.”

Orin Zebest, reality apologist.
Amateur going on pro.

@tyrsalvia Losing the War on Tabs.

City, my city, how I love to love you!
How my complaints run shallow!
You are great, and make me also.

(they were nice at the courthouse.)

@timmmii Everything can be a shots how, but I favor some more than others.

@timmmii The city government is a monster that must be fed. Rural government is also a monster, but I’m less familiar with its hunger.

For all the jokes about Camp Tipsy’s junk-celebrating shitshow, SF has $300 no-left-turn tickets & broken MUNI on the way to deal with them.

Camp Tipsy, you are such a drain on my humility.


It’s Maslow peak experiences, all the way down.

I missed the boat. This time, on an island. But then the boat came back for me.

You can see it coming, but you can’t stop it. Because it’s not the fall that kills you — it’s the getting up that saves you.

It’s camping, Orin. You don’t have time to rinse the neti pot after each use.

Temperature: iPhone must cool down before you can use it. Every damn year, man.

I am the only person you know whose last name uses a zero article.

Self-actualization doesn’t happen by accident. It’s just Zebest thing to do.

“That looks like a onesie.”

–things said surprisingly often here

A baby in Chicken’s RV discovers the world’s best art material — fake puke.

I missed the boat :-/

The Universe has a way of punishing Walmart shoppers.

My favorite Tipsy sign. I am a helpful guy.

Sometimes the closest you can get to nature is the dust on your laptop.

Do you have any idea how much more fun it is to mix cement while camping than it is to download Photoshop while camping? #shitorinsays

Didn’t have a chance to call my dad and say happy Father’s Day, because he helped me get a new phone. On Father’s Day. Hey, thanks dad!

“Hey, you got your camping in my construction!”

“You got your construction in my camping!”


–origin of constramping

Pre-tipsy is Zebest Tipsy.

I am this close to going all Chief Joseph on this shit, all “from where I sit now I will web design no more forever.”

Are there any Star Treks about constramping? #shitorinsays

I’m very impressed that I’m still functioning so well after nearly a week of so little sleep. Then again, my muscles are trying to escape.

Isn’t it so wonderful to be right all the time about other people’s flaws and shortcomings? It’s like the world’s best feeling. Being right.

Apparently my spell-checker automatically recognizes Tipsters and constramping now.


psychedelifuck, tr. v. – to creatively alter, often haphazardly, in such a way as to look totally trippy and crazy and whoaaa.

“Yes, but the reason you understand that is because you’re from outer space.” 

–compliments I have received

Though it may offend purists and haters alike: a whole album of Surfstep, please…

This is your annual notice that I will probably talk about Camp Tipsy too much. Because I camp tipsy all from tipsy camp tipsy. Camp tipsy?

Hey all, did you know that I like colors?