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Monthly Archives: May 2013

Actually, my scars-to-stupid-things-I’ve-done ratio is just remarkably low… girl.

I’ve gotta remember to buy more ginkgo biloba…

Learn Photoshop, they said. Make amazing designs and images, they said. Have loud arguments with yourself about PNG transparency, they said.

like a Grand Unifying Theory of Everything but for Photoshop tools

Insults I have received: “take a ride on your Rainbow Dinosaur and have fun kid.”

“Man named the animals.” Man also named all the coves, fjords, deltas, and other fiddly bits of Camp Tipsy, and hopefully he did a good job.

Esma Redžepova, my (former) favorite, loses Eurovision b/c it’s “been taken over by those who run gay pride parades”.…

As long as you get your kid a Tumblr, who cares what weird genetic disorder they have? #shitlynaesays

@colinaut Having often peered into the abyss of their API, I’m pleased they got as far as they did. The structure is prehistoric Web 2.0.

I really, really wish that “FULL COPYRIGHT” was not the Flickr default — but then again, that’s also my feeling for society in general.

Perhaps realizing that ne’er-do-wells like me save photos no matter what, #Flickr has removed the silly spaceball.gif protection. Thankee!

#Flickr: THEY CHANGED THINGS and now I’m very worried even though for years I said stuff like “THEY REALLY NEED TO CHANGE THINGS”.

RT @Flickr: A brighter #Flickr is here. A new design, a stunning Android app, and…drumroll…1 free terabyte of space for all: http://t.c…

2 minutes before 6 am. Which means it’s still nighttime. Which means I didn’t work all night.

Uh oh. I really like how the horn sounds on my big blue truck. Uh oh.

@chickenjohn I want to location scout for specific Tipsy campsites. Inlets, harbors, coves, beaches, shoals, fjords, glaciers…

“Did I ever tell you that my grandma used to tape rulers to my mom’s back? Or that my mom knows how to crack a ruler using her back?”

@chickenjohn Dammit! Missed by a day!

3:47 pm Sam Frisky time. I know what home is, and I am in it.

“Put on your stompy boots and make your hair in a triangle. It’s time to don the Garment.”

Orin Zebest checked in at Gypsyland, Desert Hot Springs, with all his heart.

An unusually serious game of Balderdash primed the mind-mouth interface for extra spatio-cerebral maneuvers. And wine. Booze’s good, y’know.

Abuzz in loquacious frenzy after all-night reconnection ritual with dear old friends, our concepts swarming like electric hyperbees of Mars.

Las Vegas: as strange as everyone always said it was. In a good way.

After he discovered the breathtaking geological area which bears his name, Mr. Bryce only remarked “it was a heck of a place to lose a cow.”

*Heh heh heh.… heh heh… heeee…*

Juvenile town name humor (funny is geolocation enabled).

Joseph Smith, Peace Be Unto Him #shitorinsays

When is someone going to invent gourmet easy cheese?! #shitlynaesays

First parallel parking job in new car: Laramie, Wyoming. O Irony!

Fartpartment; Fart-parked-car.

That thing where you know ethnic food is good when the ethnicity actually frequents the restaurant? It’s true for Native American food, too.

@sandwichgirl It’s right next to the Garden of Eden house. Awesome duck decoy collection. Scale rock house city going up across the street.

To own a liquor store in Kansas, you must never have been convicted of a crime of moral derptitude.

“Don’t let me overextend you. If standing up in your sunroof to take a picture of a giant souvenir plate is too much…”

Creepings of the fearful Poopacabra in rural Lucas, Kansas. Thankfully they have a giant toilet garden.

“How was I supposed to know there was a Kansas City in Kansas?!”

“It says so right in the title!”

The Mormon Garden of Eden. It’s some farmland in Missoura. History is stranger than we think.

En plein air at the rest stop. Comfy truck bed… till the rains came. Good morning, Sogtown USA!

“How can all this delicious lobster be so cheap? We’re in Des Moines!”

“Discount Lobster Safari, man.”

Fun Midwest travel moment: reminding your wife to take her anti-malaria medication.