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Monthly Archives: April 2013

@tagaq Yes! Been waiting for this. I gotta say, the album title could use some work, but the concept’s spot-on.

If you can’t perv on your friends, who can you perv on? Strangers? That doesn’t seem very nice.

@bnsrf D’awwww… shucks.

“I have to sell my banjo. It’s mine to sell. If my parents don’t like it, they can shove it up their Jesus-holes.”

Million dollar idea: a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) for American cheese.

RT @NnaSez: America is much stranger country. Proof? Large rodent for predict spring does bad — now is large rodent criminal…

Cool used car dealer slang: “the stips” (stipulations, as in a contract). See, today isn’t a total loss!

@noisebridge_sei Frank Chu’s lazy brother?

@bnsrf HAHAHA ok, yeah, I could use one. Seriously. I’d clean it off first of course.

Guys… sunsets. Did you know?

Wisdom: the ability to more correctly simulate the universe.

Sent from my incredibly gorgeous sunset observation post.

“So you’re saying I should apply the Noisebridge Discuss List solution to my lovelife?”

And just like that, she was kind of on her way to being gone a little bit for awhile.

The untold story of Zambia’s space program to beat America & Russia to the moon: AFRONAUTS. I’d back that.

Magic software. The hardware is your mind and/or the universe. This is a thing.

“My tingler requires attenuation.”

“Wait… what movie is that from?”

#arbollax #arbollax4eva

RT @Cat_ebooks: Greenland is the first country to be named ironically by ancestral hipsters [citation needed],

I speak softly and carry a big stick. Because I am the boom mic operator.

@Eridanus And in the waving, a new genre will be born. At least I can simulate the Ondes nicely:…

A good theremin is hard to download.

A friend asks “I’m babysitting a theremin, may be broken-ish, are you interested in playing w it?”


The unfortunate realization that a sizeable chunk of your 10000 hours of music-making skill-building was learning to download instruments.

Argentines wishing to buy poodles & chihuahuas are instead sold steroid-filled ferrets #unprncbl

Last night: a failed blowgun vigil to kill a giant rat in my bedroom.

Tonight: nursing a sick mouse back to health.

The soul is enriched.

@sonomabuzz Only Nixon could go to China, my ass.

Lately, I’ve asked a few people if they have their eyes on the prize. “Yes!”

I then ask if they know what the prize is. Hasn’t worked yet.

Nobody knows about Chekhov’s pineapple, Orin. You made that up in your brain.’s…

Helping with a short film shoot today. I’m gonna find out which of these film needs knows about Chekhov’s Pineapple.

Were you aware? History is asymptotic.

Reflections on gifts in the dim twilight. An entropy is mused on. The gong is silent.

Like subtitles but for cute Swedes sitting next to you (I’d ask “why isn’t this already a thing” but the answer is probably “it’s in alpha”)

@the_wombat Nobody ever taught me. Nobody ever taught Lynae to ride a bike, so she couldn’t ride until I taught her. And yeah, hills blow.

I’m a mensch!
(mensch = good guy greg for yiddishers)

Oh, sorry, I’m just trying to get this dent out of my gong. What? Yes, really.

That ‘Dr. Better’ soda was really more like ‘Dr. Mediocre’. #shitlynaesays

“Have you *been* to America? It’s a pretty strange country.”

–me, to people who forget sometimes

“Tarot cards are basically the iPhone of divinatory magic.”

“No I can’t drive stick. Only mechanics can drive stick.”
“Anybody here who can drive stick and has not been a mechanic?”

You must be present to win. 90% of success is showing up. No matter where you go, there you are.

How is life hard, again?

Cold weather wipes out entire German flea circus… #unprncbl