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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Today is the first day of the rest of my… wait, what the hell was I doing here?

Spectacular documentary hosted by Warwick Davis (Willow! Wi-i-i-ill-ow!) on the Seven Dwarfs of Auschwitz:

My nails have grown too clean. They are overly-kempt. This will never do.

“What you wear while in your own home is like a costume for your role as yourself.”

–Madam Valentina

Damn. We really need to get a car again. There, I said it.

@bnsrf An old way to meet people who don’t suck.

Muscle memory for the alarm clock is the best most of us can hope to master.

“Sorry. The search parameters for iterating through all your ‘blue crates’ were non-trivial.”

transgressive muslim clowns dot tumblr dot com

Hey! We just woke up
and this is crazy
but all this laundry?
Let’s burn it, maybe.

“‘Nuanced?’ Stop being so nice and realize that @AdaInitiative are jerks and move on with your life.”

–a very special lady

#Donglegate is a shitstorm where all agents lose. Heard of perverse effects? This is Ada Initiative’s 2nd strike.…

@bnsrf “woody”, “long black woody”, “blowstick”

@vihartvihart I happen to know a nice little place where you can find several more Invisible Cities fanfics…

Jimmy fixed my sink just by being near my sink.

@mediapathic Relevant: the Acid Brass Band

Today’s special.

My to-do list just encouraged me to “make a dent in the universe”. This could go a lot of ways, @anydo.

What would the Old West sound like without Aaron Copland: a gay, Jewish, communist-leaning, immigrant New Yorker?

“May all your mistakes be fractals that pleasantly humanize.”…

A cameltoe could pass through the eye of a doughnut more easily than a fat man could enter the what am I doing with this metaphor anyways?

I need an @ sign for communicating with complicated artistic concepts.

@chickenjohn Pics or it didn’t happen.

@xek Perhaps your critical error is assuming they are mutually exclusive.

How does someone with that dog walk around with that sourpuss look on their face? HOW? #shitlynaesays

“So Matilda was actually Hugo Chavez the whole time? Did they really call him ‘Matilda’ to his face?”

“There’s no bicycling on Mission”, he asserted incorrectly, adding “you fuck.” It did not have the intended effect.

The Bay Lights: waves above and waves below.

Someone has given that baboon a bassoon.