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Monthly Archives: February 2013

I will grognard and wait for fullness. #shitorinsays (makes perfect sense when you parse it)

#TIL the particular needle-phobia I have can be fatal if blood pressure drops too severely. YES, DR., I NEED NITROUS.…

When your mouse batteries die while loop-stuttering your jaw harp and the loop gets stuck on BOINGGGGNRT, that’s… an uncommon problem?

Upon reflection, I’m not sure if any Eeearthlings who visited •)Ärbôlłāx realized that it was actually true.

RT @markovxcheney: Relinquish the furious humping.

RT @markovxcheney: Good writers borrow.

So is there a Hopi word for “life out of balance, but not necessarily in a bad way”?

Behold, thou hast done the untweetable.

@CoralAorta Got to see the last performance and it was really intense. Transformatively intense. I guess what I’m saying is DAY-Y-Y-Y-UM.

Hold onto your dimensional plurintegrities ladies and gentleman, because this is the All Worlds Fair.

The all-nighter I pulled tonight would be 4 all-nighters if I were working on a computer from a decade ago. Progress in more ways than one.

I’ve gotta tighten my wimple tonight. #shitlynaesays

“What are we going to do when we need more manure?”

“MORE manure? You’re full of shit!”

@Orinz What, it’s just “k↓”, as in ““Khtzf’plat-k↓-B17”. You didn’t know that?

With 30 minutes of intense searching, you too can transcribe the ingressive voiceless velar plosive (sounds like a glug sound w/ no larynx).

@LadyCartoonist You accidentally all the alchemical ingredients of deeper creative meaning.

Let’s play “I’m going to be a famous artist someday”.

The weather outside is really infinite today. #shitorinsays

Given foreknowledge of all the times you’d be electrocuted while doing an art project, would you still do it?

No? It’s not the art for you.

I was just mistaken for Asian.
“Secret Asian Man?”

…tha all wolrds fair [sic] + arbollax, theys be eatin ma brain…

Now today is etched in the firmament of my life, not better, nor worse than past Valentine’s, but certainly different.

Why yes, I coined the promotional skiing slogan “Malta: Iceland of the Mediterranean”. I’m good at postcards.

RT @NnaSez: Although it is important to have jokes, also important is for me to say: you are alright. A-ok humanity. Just saying.

Well, today’s the day to break out the ol’ Pope John Paul minidisc.

Do you understand “turtles all the way down?” Because your spiritual task is to understand what in your cosmology goes all the way down.

@vniow I used to sell electricity from there. Well, not electricity… I sold the *idea* of the windmill farm in Tittybong, Victoria.

Oh no, not another werewolf dildo! #shitlynaesays


Whether or not you do drugs, you should listen to good music. But you could totally do drugs and listen to music:

Asians are obsessed with cutlets! What is up… with that?#shitlynaesays

Test drove a Subaru Baja, which is like Japan’s answer to the El Camino but delayed 30 years. Guys… I kinda don’t understand cars.

Oh nothing, just hand-building an orrery. Why, what are you doing?

Remember Vine? We were such dorks back then.

Time to take down the Bookmas tree. What’s the best way to do this?

Wait, who the hell is Chicken John?…

Go sniff a jockstrap, Entropy… my kitchen is clean.

RT @VICE: .@mollycrabapple: “Shooter Boys and At Risk Girls,” on school shootings, weird kids and fucked up childhood-

Today’s historical science fact: Charles Darwin never actually used the phrase “wham, bam, thank you ma’am”.

That man would be charged with a hate crime. And well he should.

(The future, ladies & gentlemen.)