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Monthly Archives: January 2013

So I’m gonna ask my dentist tomorrow if the tooth he tried (unsuccessfully) to root canal today should really be making these noises…

Listen to music that sounds like your phone notifications. Make peace with them. They’re part of you now. GONGgggg… g…

The world-famous Bookmas tree… #firstpost on Vine

@nthmost That’s my favorite part! The absurd giggling part!

RT @bnsrf: the best revenge is living your life to the fullest.

And now, the traditional eating of birthday cake at every meal.

Now available on the iTunes store: the mp3s from a vinyl record I shared for free ages ago, but now $$$ goes to the RIAA. Reverse piracy!

“Squirt some more Sriracha on there, I wanna know what it’s like to feel again.”

Remember, the only good answer to “did you take your Ginkgo Biloba today?” is “I don’t remember.”

RT @NnaSez: @Orinz We already decide you will be stay dead. Too much confusion during first life. Beep boop.

Boy, I’d hate to be the superintelligent robot analyst who has to figure how *that* conversation fits into my narrative.

“What did I get for my birthday? An abortion.”

“There’s a very special Hallmark greeting card for you.”

Like extra mild hot sauce, but for a full and satisfying life.

Something about the web design process makes me wish I didn’t have a body.

@CoralAorta Available in stores or in your local public library:

“Don’t kid yourself, they’ll set shit on fire whether the [LOCAL_SPORTS_TEAM] win or lose.”

Uh oh. They’re yelling “Superbowl!” and setting off fireworks. That’s never a good sign.

RT @tagaq: I want to make a peanut butter dress

That’s my fart! You can’t make me smell that! #shitlynaesays

Everything is always difficult and hard, forever.

@sonomabuzz How nice to say!

4:47 is the new 11:11.

It snowed some (and me without any pineapple syrup!).

Woo road trip! Time to drive clear across the state to retrieve perhaps a dozen things from my sad, dead car. S’notsobad.

Hey, you know that thing that happened to us in December that’s too big to talk about on Twitter? Well, they declared the car totaled today.

Hello from nitrous-land, everyone. I love you all.

It’s raining. Whaddayagonnado.

You were in diapers when newsgroups were good for sex! #shitlynaesays

…someday, they too will drop crap from their pockets and smilingly mumble “tiny reminders”, but they’ll think of me as they pick it up.

Every time I try to clean up my house, I’m reminded of all the fun stuff I did that messed it up. Would you clean something like that?

@outofsequences Oh crap, she’s on to me… also, BURN THE WORLD.

I don’t always want to burn the world, but when I do, I do it with Alamaailman Vasarat.

Hey @SFBART, any reason why all the entrances to 12th street station would be locked 10 minutes before the last BART train? Y’know, cause…

Oh dear. Boring. That’s BORING.

Dicking around making music is boring to everyone who can’t listen to me live-stutter a jaw harp.

The night got much longer when I discovered that I could download virtual instruments from for freeleech.

@sonomabuzz I already know the answer, so I won’t spoil it.

@bnsrf How about “boardos”?

The night became more interesting once I discovered that ctrl-clicking allowed me to record multiple inputs at once.

@b3ttybo0o Wait is there a huge market for used stranger panties? I mean outside of Japan that is.

@b3ttybo0o Follow me, little panties, for your tale is not yet complete.