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Monthly Archives: September 2012

There’s a wedding today, and I’ve been running errands for it since I woke up. Will arrive 5 minutes before it starts. Sounds about right…

I think Maral and her awesome band started getting Mexican TV and wanted to do a send-up:…

@aestetix We had 2 cookbooks for Ani at the hospital on Sunday: Sushi & Caribbean food. Any chance they got left in your car?

Don’t eat your beard; it’s unbecoming in a lady. #shitlynaesays

RT @EvilHorseEbooks: trampolinist gets birthday scissors

Finland : Finns ::
Lapland : Lapps ::
Polands : Poles ::
Holland : ???

Instagramming a Space Shuttle flyover, as did my ancestors before me. @ Beverly Hills Fountain

Just abetted vandalism: carving a heart with some lover’s initials inside it. Sorta my idea, actually.

“So that happened” is a handy phrase when all other words fail. Emotionally and physically drained from today’s LA moving day, it serves.

@CalvinChaos It’s just code-switching, little guy. You’ll learn about that speaking 3 languages.

I’ve been in ‘Little Armenia’ for 6 hours and still no homemade yogurt. These LA neighborhoods are all Argletons

Suddenly headed to L.A. Be there tomorrow and leave soon after. Unless you, dear reader, wish to meet up (looking at you, reader…)

Wanted: a response song for ‘Open the Door, Richard’.…

People who include partial files in their rare music torrents: Hell or Purgatory?

Orin, can we use our time machine to finally go to Burning Man this year? #shitlynaesays

Nothing like the simple pleasure of chopping up a voice recording to make people say crazy stuff they didn’t really say.

For the record, this is my favorite YouTube video of all time, and I FOUND Maral Ibragimova FIRST.…

RT @rhodri: The way I now consume news: a) See jokes about a story on Twitter b) Try to work out what the story is c) Find story d) Unde …

I think I’m going as icky homo (Ecce Homo) for Halloween. Let’s see if YouTube has a makeup tutorial. #shitlynaesays

@charliejane I think it implies we should all buy mansions on Qo’noS.

To illustrate free speech vs. hate speech, can we make “Innocence of Muslins”, a satirical fabric-bleaching PSA?

@mediapathic Dream a little dream.

@MattRichardson Or, I don’t know, using a unit of measure derived from the power of a horse to describe your engine’s capabilities.

@sherilyn I saw the guy move it once. It was like seeing a snow leopard in the wild.

@trevortimm Just because this liberal arts idiot knows nothing about law doesn’t mean that we don’t *already have laws* against hate speech.

“It’s just weird getting rid of a piece of furniture we paid for.”

“If nobody did that, you and I would have exactly 1 piece of furniture.”

News narrative got you down? In case you needed a huge, beautiful collection of Islamic art:

@colinaut Sorry, don’t you mean “Jesus Christ: Quest for Glory”?

So, uh, anybody have an extra OpenGL 3.0 compatible (post-2008) video card lying around? For science? For science and money?

Crap… “Sharia law comes to America” That would be the headline. That’s why prosecution won’t ever happen. Almost got idealistic there.

RT @sfslim: Things get strange when NPR investigates the man behind “Innocence of Muslims”, the film that incited embassy violence: http …

Sorry, that last link should come with a disclaimer for Muslims (and anyone who finds the worst of humanity triggery).

Friends, Americans, etc: let’s avenge our dead ambassador, enforce our own laws, & nail these fuckers for hate speech –…

There but for the grace of those people who make ‘Y U NO’ rage comics about Tumblr with the caption “sigh, my life right now”.

Seriously though, please @Delicious fix some shit. I know I was 1 of 12 actually using the new (now deprecated) stacks feature, but still.

I was about to make a really bitchy comment about @Delicious and then I was like, “no, don’t be that guy… fight it, fight it!”

RT @paleofuture: look everybody knows that ancient aliens made the pyramids but hear me out what if it was ancient humans

“It is a dangerous servant, and a fearful master.” Thoughts?

License plate frame: Tashkent / Uzbekistan. California plate reads: IM UZBEK.

Pippi calls her horse “Lilla Gubben” which means “Little Buddy” in Swedish. Who wants to be my new Lilla Gubben?