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Monthly Archives: August 2012

Thrift stores are the concentration camps of the book world. #shitlynaesays #yesreally

YES the new coffee grinder came and now we’re conversing about Wikipedia’s inherent intellectual honesty. Coffee wins!

An entire conference was held on orbital Qiblah, with the conclusion that astronauts should orient “according to [their] capability”. Pfft.

Look, I’m not trying to be Mr. Weird Foreign Facts, but the truth is there really are SO MANY of them and they’re all fascinating.

A Grand Ayatollah in Iraq advised Muslims in space that during prayers “one should face the direction of the Earth”. Very helpful.

j/k I moved my car every day this week just to make sure I got better parking than anyone else, anywhere

FOMO all the good parking.

Strange but true: after she died, Ayn Rand was sent to Valhalla.

A hurricane and a political convention? No one is making any jokes about BLOWHARDS? We must finally, actually be scared of them.

“Stalin was a bank robber in his youth and temporarily resigned from the communist party over its ban on bank robbery”…

Bitchin’ bout what to do with our radio show, get in the car, and our radio show comes on. I think I like it.

Other countries have country music. I checked. They usually call it ‘folk’ and there is significantly more jaw harp.

Amazon Glacier has already caused some unwelcome self-evaluation. “Are all the photos I shot in 2009 worth $0.68/year?”

It Gets Better, difficulty level: Ugandan

The noted mental agility of the Inuit has been attributed to his great consumption of nourishing fermented seafood.

Story goes: the number 33,333 is so fun to say in Czech that people sit around just pronouncing it. I’m going to need conformation of this.

What does teledildonics have to do with furries anyway? #shitlynaesays

What’s wrong with you? You don’t laugh when Jacques Cousteau says “the rainy season on Lake Titicaca”? #shitlynaesays

I stuck my finger in the cream-hole :-(

Yes, it’s her birthday, and yes, this is my way of saying I love you. Deal with it.

I don’t understand how Rockula isn’t more appreciated now that more people are familiar with the vampire romance genre. #shitlynaesays

It’s not my fault that all funny laughs can be interpreted as ethnically insensitive! #shitlynaesays

I was promised bacon… by me! #shitlynaesays

@mediapathic I expect a full smattering of Neil Armstrong jokes in… what is it, like, 3 days now? FULL SMATTERING.

@nomimaybe Sneaky little buzzard… bet he doesn’t even like mollusk, just likes snooping in on interesting folk.

@paleofuture And for the record, Sounds Like Amusia is my new ambient/drone/noise band.

@paleofuture Sounds like amusia. For movies, autism could be a candidate Cf. “A Man, a Woman, and a Light Switch”

One of these days I’m gonna throw a party with lots of pupu platters & call it a “Pupu party.” Related: must get even more immature friends.

The church bell rang twelve times after the electricity came back.

@vniow Lynae had something bad yesterday, and I have the same thing today. Tell me it goes away…

Qallunaat guilt isn’t as bad as it could be.

@sfdpw YES! Yes, that is a well-written tweet! My appreciation.

@bnsrf ur doin it rong

Now whenever I do something dumb I’m going to explain yurodivy and you’ll be so bored you won’t remember my dumb thing.

RT @CoralAorta: We were searching for real sincerity and simplicity, and we found these qualities in the yurodstvo [the holy foolishness …

@jeromegv If you feel like seeing a really great collection of anthropological/ethnographic artifacts, visit the Naprstek in Prague 1.

It’s not illegal to put Bulgarian pennies in the take-a-penny/leave-a-penny dish, is it?

@jwhelton @sfslim Veteran of the Color Wars,… proud member of @rainbowteam

Sportsball. Fuck that shit.

In fact, the ghost pepper has not been the world’s hottest since 2007. That honor belongs to the Trinidad death evil blood scorpion pepper.