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Monthly Archives: July 2012

My cat is so very very confused by this veggie burrito. Or maybe he had a little too much earlier

Beware sentences that begin with “I was trying to close some tabs, and…”

We recorded an Unpronounceable this morning. If you’re very lucky, you may get to hear it in the next year.

Death Dance @ Wat Dharmararam Buddhist Temple

The longer you stare, the less it looks like art and the more it looks like a real pigataur

@CoralAorta “Won’t someone please think of the badass punk rock bullshit that I haul around?”

When life gives you Olympic organizers who piss off the world’s most unpredictable country, make advertising I guess!

@DrWeidinger I love mushrooms… but just so we’re clear on this, those aren’t Earth mushrooms. Those are Vandermeer-esque fantasy mushrooms.

For various reasons, no one in Chinese restaurants looks at me and realizes, “hey, this guy has worked in a Chinese restaurant.”

That awkward moment when someone misspells ERMAHGERD.

What is technology for if not to decrease the effort required to be lazy?

So when Twitter finally allows me to see old tweets that means I’m finally allowed to forget things my friends said years ago… right?


Russian PM draws brouhaha for bigtop-themed Instagram during chats over cuddly Swedish propaganda airdrop

You can’t convince me that gluten isn’t a loanword from Yiddish.

Oy, my gluten! #shitlynaesays

July is just one really long Camp Tipsy hangover.

Coffee makes us want to figure out how bilocation works.

@mediapathic You must be thinking of Yog-Sothoth, the black goat of the woods with a thousand young.

I think those [simulated pooping] dolls for little girls are disgusting. What a load of crap. #shitlynaesays

A pair of friends just confirmed their appreciation of “weird foreign movies”. CHALLENGE ACCEPTED.

44 years and he’s never cut himself on a table saw, until I’m there helping. Survivor’s guilt.

“Fuck off, Entropy, I’m trying to get shit done here!”

–the Ego

Damn it! Fuck you, funny picture aggregator blog, I had shit to do!

Yes, we’re replaying the Halloween show. It’s July after all. #unpronounceable

@xek Done and done!

Petrichor. It is a wondrous smell. It is a smell of glorious death.

“I want to look good naked. What do you want?”

“I want to make a yogurt sandwich with my pancakes.”

“So, this guy was the Dr. Mengele of gynecology… which is weird, because Dr. Mengele was also a gynecologist.” #shitlynaesays

This is the last Friday the 13th of 2012. The previous one was 13 weeks ago; the next previous one was 13 weeks before that.

Then there was the time I went camping and no one could get hold of me and so they assumed I’d died in a fire.

“The human body is not a gömböc. We have multiple resting postures.” SO PROUD to have finally made a gömböc analogy.

So, heh… guess who’s going camping tomorrow? At some point this counts as a heroic dose. Of camping.

@jeromegv Many many tiny screws, many compartments to keep them sorted.

I got the post-Tipsy road-closed-on-account-of-brushfire-I-couldn’t-extinguish-with-my-doormat blues.

There he is, @chickenjohn, man of the wilderness, fighting brushfire with my car squeegee

Part of me still can’t believe that I disassembled my phone and put it back together and it works better. Insert psychotherapy analogy here.

That’s not my sunburn peeling, that’s the husk of my old skin which now is too small.

I did Camp Tipsy for so long that, per campground policy, I’m not allowed to do Camp Tipsy again for another whole year.

Book burning ok. Blaring Toby Keith not ok. Life is strange.