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Monthly Archives: April 2012

Let’s say your new computers break every 6 months. Your peg-leg neighbor tells you they’re only good for parts, then sells them. True story.

I wish I’d never seen the “Your Company’s Computer Guy!” skit on SNL. It debases my skills (and the song gets stuck in my head).

Dammit! What I should’ve said was “looks like competition for Queen of the Hipsters is heating up.” Apologies.

@sonomabuzz It’s a family name… somewhere… probably.

“When you ship a 38-gallon drum of nail polish, it has to go special hazmat class. They also have 56-gallon drums.” #shitlynaesays

Someone is regaling me about how cheap it is to get 10 pounds of custom glitter. Guess who.

Dr. Hal’s contribution to @chickenjohn‘s art book @ Chez Poulet

Warehouse dinner. I get to sit at the adult table!

Certainly one thing Sacramento has in it’s favor: it’s flat.

“I rode my bike!” she says. “I can’t beat the high score in soltar (solitaire) and now it makes me want to ride my bike!” she says.

@arlenarlenarlen ~30% of my sneezes taste like honey. There’s no explanation for it, but others online identify as “honey-sneezers”.

@LadyCartoonist As I’m fond of observing: most people are interesting, but most people have no idea WHY they’re interesting.

@shrwtr I followed you before you were cool.

RT @tjcrowley: Cute as hell for about 3 seconds:

Midnight bicycle ride. In the rain. Inner hopeless romantic satisfied.

RT @sonomabuzz: @Orinz “Marvis” huh? What’s that about?

@sfslim Oftentimes, midden-heaps have walls so one doesn’t inadvertently fall in.

Wylie Wingo Wendell Zebest, alias “Marvis”.

The Tuesday at noon siren gets played on @somafm. Interesting.

Nitrous at the dentist is every bit as great as I imagined. I should have gotten a cavity years ago.

OH: “Have you ever seen a chinchilla crap? They’re soulless.”

@LadyCartoonist I thought it was lavender!

A letter from a bank saying the account has gained 1 cent in interest. A letter which cost 45 cents to mail.

Today marks 5 years in this apartment. That’s longer than I’ve been on Twitter, and thus longer than I’ve needed to announce such things.

@b3ttybo0o You’re not a slut, you just live in a den of hookups. From someone who’s lived in hostels.

You have to spend money to make money. Coincidentally, spending money often factors into losing money.

“Ingénue” does not have a male equivalent. You win this round, conventional gender roles.

If you want a picture of the future, imagine a snake eating its own tail — forever.