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Monthly Archives: March 2012

@colinaut One must first know the rules in order to properly break them.

“Great to see another femme fetal show with real balls”

The lotto line is literally out the door. Good luck to all of you hope-ridden suckers.

“Mustache hairs” he writes on the envelope. “I swear on my grandfather’s mustache hairs” he mutters bemusedly.

“Is this not the cleanest this floor has ever been?”

“That’s amazing! It’s the most uniformly dirty it’s even been!”

Santorum & pink balls, together at last… (I hate election years)

Sometimes I wish I’d studied Systems Theory, instead of just Wikipedia articles. Then again… my debt’s only 4 figures.…

Today’s chin-scratcher: is there something innate to “mainstream culture” which makes it reality-averse? Or are people just dumb?

It’s been a long time since I had a good-scary dream. I mean, where did that mimic octopus even see a human skull?

@nthmost Seeking beta testers?

@shrwtr Everybody else is blathering about how good it is. I’ve suspected for awhile, but now must ask: are you the Holy Contrarian?

I’m having a lot of trouble finding natural sausage casings. #shitlynaesays

Man, what I need is a SWEATERVEST. […] No, it’s one word. #shitlynaesays

My dad seems to have a really poor knowledge of fungus. #shitlynaesays

I need to get my phone embroidered. #shitlynaesays

I didn’t spring for the all-organic chicken; I got the antibiotic-free one though.#shitlynaesays

Did you know that you can make money being a “mommy-blogger” and go on trips and stuff? #shitlynaesays

Man, the Chinese sure know how to make crackers, I’ll give them that. #shitlynaesays

I crashed my browser opening too many nail polish blogs :-( #shitlynaesays

Deanna Troi can’t find shit on Google, let me tell you. #shitlynaesays

Did you know that the Alien movie series is actually a sequel to Babar? #shitlynaesays

Is today the day? Has the meme finally died down enough that I can start posting “shit Lynae says” and it will be funny?

“Paul Bunyan and the Spambot” — not just great fiction, but a plausible evolution of human-like AI

Sorry; I’m usually more entertaining. The side-effect of rewiring my brain to be more social: thinking everything needs a punchline.


Nuance: it’s not just for those pretentious eggheads who type more than 140 characters at a time. Think before you amplify.

I often think bad things are bad for different reasons than you probably do. I fear you might discover this and think I think they’re good.

Is it still wifi if you can’t do shit for shit with it except read textual email and do Google searches?

Is it still called in-flight wifi if you’re on a train?

I have spent the last three hours trying to plan tomorrow’s Amtrak journey. This is longer than the journey will be.

You are very hungry during a teeth cleaning. Afterwards, you discover piles and piles of free chocolate bars. And you are enlightened.

I bring strange news from the outside world: they advertise TED talks on TV.

(Related: – HT @paleofuture)

@xek Obviously you are unfamiliar with the feature film “Contact”.

Just realized: nobody laughs when I reference “first, catch your hare…” because they aren’t familiar with 18th century English folk cooking.

Oh yeah… 2 am St. Pattie’s Day on a Saturday. Have fun with that, society.

@sherilyn Crazy-town’s a nice place to visit, but I’m not sure I’d wanna live there.

@sfslim Will you be continuing coverage of deliveries? @Paleofuture once live-tweeted a glass of water; best thing on Twitter in years.

OH: “I took a picture… I look just like the bathroom.”

@lukechastain That sounds rad! What’s the name or location, exactly?

@mediapathic Nobody thinks to look in the Adobe AIR Marketplace! Cause it’s gone, apparently. But I found this anyway:

@sherilyn Oh thank goodness, I was afraid I had to start it.