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Monthly Archives: February 2012

#TIL sideburns are named after one guy, a guy who had really impressive sideburns (go figure)…

Remember: tomorrow is the day you’re supposed to visit Brigadoon. Or Germelshausen, if that’s more your thing.

@nthmost Creative meme deployment seems like the best countermeasure to certain “cultural” diseases: anorexia, Morgellons, anti-vax parents…

You can tell who worked to put it up because they all have skinpaste.

Oh great Copyright God, we beseech thee, bring profit unto our outmoded worldview!

Funny how all this fear-mongering over Pinterest’s (relatively innocuous) TOS comes right after their (self-released) opt-out code. Funny.

The noted mental agility of the Scot has often been attributed to his great consumption of nourishing oats.

You know what’s nice about film? When it crashes, you’re not stuck looking at some poor schmuck’s desktop wallpaper.

RT @xek: Owl flying filmed in extreme slow motion. Simultaneously amazing and horrifying (h/t @carnivillain)

I don’t know what you’re up to, Mr. Sign My Petition to Stop Child Pornography, but I know it’s probably not stopping child pornography.

Me, after zooming in on a rural gas station that I visited years ago, from orbit, on the first try: “holy shit how did I do that?”

The last SF occupier I could find in the plaza. No, seriously.

I strive to be a free thinker. I am not afraid to have unpopular opinions. And Jorge Luis Borges is boring.

@paleofuture Yet because parts of Africa have been dystopian for so long, positive changes tend toward Full Zamunda.

@xek Part of me really wishes that name had caught on.

@paleofuture Don’t go into the outer suburbs, Yank. It’s 72% Mad Max 1.

AT&T: Your redefined data use policy is approaching the top 5% of my shit list.

Dear friends: PLEASE stop talking so much about crazy shit the GOP is doing. They’re trying to inject wedge issues into the national debate.

@paleofuture Nuh uh. You’re at a playground in Boyle Heights in LA. At least that’s what the geo-tag dangling from that tweet says.

If the stars keep aligning, there might just be a call-in Radio Unpronounceable today 15 minutes.

Oh, no! I found the missing package of smoked salmon!

An old way to find people who don’t suck.

@tyrsalvia That’s one good option. Also worth exploring: top/bottom dichotomy, intragender sexism, resource scarcity, monopole magnets.

It’s time public domain literary remixes (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies etc.) moved on to Greek plays. Please start with a gay Lysistrata.

@jnnamcky Brevity is the essence of wit. Twitwit.

@sfslim @rhiannononon @nthmost No, it’s gone for me now, too. Refresh the page and it says it’s been flagged.

Upon hearing of the royal name change, Emperor Wilhelm II joked that he planned to see Shakespeare’s “The Merry Wives of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha”.

RT @paleofuture: If you’re not following the FDA on Flickr, you’re missing out:…

@xek Were I able to read the reviews by lesbians trolling such a site, I would be unconscionably amused.

Need some life advice. What do you do when your significant other won’t stop singing “Found a Peanut”?

@rhiannononon FTFY: Clearly disproves climate change. Or not, maybe.

@arlenarlenarlen I don’t know you, but see you retweeted a lot. @xek‘s RT of the rabies thing convinces me to follow you. Do tell, sometime.

@shrwtr Oh yay! Where’s you end up moving?

Too clever for my own good, sometimes. I accept it.

I’m pruning shitty YouTube comments. Still my favorite: “All black brought from africa 600 by white mafia from europe.”

I just beheld a strange vision. Decades hence, people will hold special nostalgia for the year 2005. It was… the year between.

Damn you World War I for being more interesting than the work I was going to do tonight. Downton Abbey, this is your fault.

Today I accidentally started a bucking bronco kids’ ride while a stranger was on it, except really on purpose.

Weird restaurant alert: tomorrow is your last chance to get inside Russia House (off the 101 in SF)

@paleofuture For the record, I live in Sam Frisky.